After Sean Cody and Men: Deacon aka Johnny Donovan

Introduced in 2017 by Sean Cody, Deacon now has 47 scenes listed under his name.

At Men, he has a profile as Deacon, but his 23 scenes are listed under Johnny Donovan, the name that he uses on X.

Besides gay porn, he had scenes released at Trans Angels.

He has now filmed for studios not owned by Mind Geek.

Last January, the first of his two scenes at Kink Men was released.

And he has an upcoming scene at ASG Max.

Deacon (aka Johnny Donovan) has been in a relationship with Asher (aka Ricky Donovan) since 2015. The two got engaged four months ago.


  1. R47

    I. Like both Asher and Deacon. I do have a preference though. Asher is good as both top and bottom. Deacon I prefer bottoming

  2. Jsmithy

    His transangel scene include vaginal sex with a cis woman.

  3. Alex

    He’s been a tragic performer since day one

  4. Reg

    I’ll never understand who it is that takes those staged photos of engagements, or why the couple would even want one.

  5. logogay

    Deacon may be a bisexual/queer guy who “actually” likes men. But I think he’s also kidding gays, the gay community and his “real life boyfriend”! It’s just a job……

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