Sex with his stalker: Dante Colle and Carter Woods

After making love to Carter Woods for the first time, Dante Colle found out that Carter was stalking him. Dante died for it in the ending of For You, I Will from Disruptive Films.

+ Disruptive Films is part of the ASG Max network.


  1. Pavel Ford


  2. Marco

    I know certain men have fantasies like this but WTF??? 😳

  3. Alex W

    I thought Dante exited gay porn permanently. Hmmm. I guess the rent is overdue, aye?

    • Hank

      He went away for awhile mostly doing straight and trans porn before coming back to gay porn. Now in a recent podcast interview, he’s claiming that “sex with men doesn’t do anything for him”.

  4. Nick

    Carter Woods is gorgeous and sexy. A sight for sore eyes. What is boring Dante Colle still doing on Gay Porn? He despises gayness, but apparently he didn’t become a millionaire on Straight Porn and then comes to make a few bucks from unsuspecting gays. Not with me! I am a gay man and very proud of my gayness. And I don’t support these mercenaries who despise gayness, but come and collect our hard-earned Pink Money.

  5. Cum

    I know a lot of you are trying to make a case for Dante Colle being 100% heterosexual( not bi-curious/heteroflexible/bisexual etc.) but since he can cum without edits ( look at his scene with Dakota Payne when he is so turned on he barely managed to pull out) its clear he enjoy men even if he has no desire to date them….
    Anyway who cares he is ugly as fuk

  6. Cherrystick

    For fucking goodness, do we really have to see this bland ass man again?!? Dante isn’t hot and these porn studios need to stop trying to push off malt liquor like it’s the fine wine. I’m sick of seeing him and from the echos of fellow commenters on multiple blogs including here, it looks like I’m not alone.

    He’s already said he wants to transition away from the sex that us gays love and yet here he is once again. Those rainbow flavored bucks must’ve not been flowing when he decided he wanted to leave penis park to reside over at pussy palace. I’m ready for this man to just pick up his meh colored bags and exit stage left.

  7. sdsr

    Regardless of what one might otherwise think of these performers, Dante’s cumshot is either fake or sabotaged by staggeringly inept editing; Disruptive’s attempts at “art” tend to result in bad porn.

  8. Alex

    None of y’all will normalize this predatory shit.

  9. logogay

    So I’ve already said enough about Dante. My opinion. And everyone should watch it and pay what they want. All I know is that Dante’s scenes no longer work without “editing”. They fake a lot in one scene, make it appear long and with a lot of chemistry and then when you pay or look at them you are disappointed and see cuts, sloppy erektion and fake cum. I will always post my opinion on it like the other hypocrites in here do. And everyone should decide for themselves who is telling the truth and who is not. I just say: poor gay porn……

  10. Edie

    I’m a big fan of both Carter & Dante. This scene excites me a lot but ending with a big flop. You can obviously see that Dante fake it so hard. He couldn’t keep his fully erected like his hundreds of gay porn scene. I guess his time spent in straight porn and 2 years in the Navy had changed him.

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