Up next: Breaking and Entering, The Thirst, and Bred and Breakfast: All the Way Inn

Breaking and Entering from Club Inferno Dungeon with Cazden Hunter, Apollo Fates, Ty Roderick, and Ethan Sinns.

With their cocks throbbing and their fists soaked in lube, the men of Club Inferno are ‘Breaking and Entering’ into more than just your homes in the latest fisting feature from award-winning director Devin Franco.

The Thirst from Men with Malik Delgaty, Austin Wolf, Damian Night, Shamu Azizam, and Roman Todd.

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Malik Delgaty wanders the once-verdant desert searching for something more precious than gold: water. After drinking the last dregs from his canteen, he sees a tent and drags himself closer. Inside, Austin Wolf and Damian Night have water, but no food, but Damian wants the precious source of calories in Austin’s balls! Malik watches, touching himself, as Damian sucks the top’s cock. Austin rims him, then fucks the bottom doggystyle. The secret watcher jacks his dick as he watches the submissive bottom ride the top and get fucked till both orgasm, but as Malik is plotting how he can get his hands on some of their water, he gets a surprise…

Bred and Breakfast: All the Way Inn with Heath Halo, Sean Xavier, Hazel Hoffman, Derek Kage, Beau Butler, Drew Valentino, Sumner Blayne, Carter Collins and Ty Santana.


  1. Jessie

    My god I’ve heard of “bonerkiller” porn, but never actually saw any until today. This is sad😵‍💫

  2. logogay

    Studio Porn with Crossover or G4P Actors? I prefer to reject in at all levels and dedicate myself to OF, RFC or smaller studios like Crunchboy or Citebeur and others. At least the men there are having convincing hot gay sex, not “work”!

    • Camille

      My review based on the trailer or images:
      Breaking and Entering: Not into fisting but the images are kind of hot to me. I love kinky performers.

      The Thirst: Quite interesting cinematography. I miss the old days of porn. I wish I had the money to put a pornographic movie with value
      (artistically speaking) and hot.

      Bred and breakfast all the way inn: Not that aroused for this one but let’s wait.

      Long Live porn and sexual performers! They need our love and compassion.

  3. Nat

    Why does the title photo of Breaking and Entering look photoshopped at an uncanny/terrible level?

  4. Cherrystick

    Nothing can instantly make my penis retract like this line-up presented to us today.

    Fisting, an inch gone.
    Devin Franco, another inch eliminated.
    Anything released from Men, half an inch back.
    Malik Dull-gaty, another inch gone.
    The cast of this B & B crap, goodbye another inch.

    Finally someone phone a doctor because full retraction happens thanks to Derek Kage. The man is gross to me. Completely makes me loose any sort of stimulation. I don’t even have to know he’s in the cast, the minute he’s in the screen, I’m turning it off. Guess I’ll paint a wall and watch it dry for more of a thrill.

    • W

      Four and half inches huh? that’s tough 😐

      • Cherrystick

        Haha. Notice at the end I said “full retraction” instead of “the rest of”. Derek makes multiple inches disappear. Now babes you’ve gotta read the words more carefully. To all my four and a half inch bros out there, no shame.

  5. NovaStar

    None of these films look appealing. I just know there’s gonna be something lacking in it & it’s usually the oral parts. I’m good over here.

    • Jktooo

      I hate bigots and racists! No matter their skin color!

  6. Bruiser

    Who gets to ride Malik’s worm?

  7. JR

    The sight of narcissist attention seeker Austin You g standing in a pair of Birkenstocks, wearing a tablecloth and trying to make it seem like he is some apocalypse survivor is priceless. At least the tea towel on his head covers his growing bald spot though.

    • Miguel

      Shut up Austin, at least he’s gay, the only ones who have nothing to do there are those shit-heteros

      • JR

        Just because Austin is gay, he doesn’t get a free pass from being a garbage person with no morals who treats people like shit.

        • Cherrystick

          And let’s be honest and real, we already know that he’s eating and fucking vaginas too. We’ve seen him do it in recent times so is he really that gay?!?

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