Kyler Drayke, Sir Peter, and Johnny Rapid

Kyler Drayke is the latest porn star to film for Treasure Island Media. It had him top Johnny Moon.

The latest porn star to fuck Sir Peter, who is often the top, was Lawson James in his flip-fuck scene at Naked Sword. It is not their first time together. The two had a scene at Hot Older Male, where Sir Peter did not bottom.

Are the scenes released by Randy Blue of Johnny Rapid bought content? It’s the same guys and the same location as Johnny’s self-titled porn site?


  1. NovaStar

    I hate seeing Kyler get mixed up with such a horrible & trashy site like Treasure Island

    • EdWoody

      I’ve always considered those kind of sites the absolute bottom of the barrel, where a performer goes just before they die. Just look at the logos they use to promote themselves – skull and crossbones, radiation hazard. They are literally fetishising disease and death.

  2. logogay

    Since I found out that Kyler Drake also fucks vaginas as a crossover, he has become uninteresting to me.
    Sir Peter is versatile and has a big cock, is actually a good performer, but has been spewing a lot of crap (especially political and human) on the Internet lately.
    And this G4P whore, Johnny Rapid is, is a no go for me anyway, no matter what or with whom “people” he’s filming!

    • joe

      Wow …Are you even Comfortable with your own Sexuality …?

      • logogay

        I know who I am and what I want. What I don’t want is to be made to fuck and lick a vagina as a gay man by you Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid people here on this blog and by Agenda Studios and performers. You won’t be able to do that! And that’s exactly what annoys people like YOU! And that’s exactly why I fight against people like YOU! People and Agendas who want to twist/change other people’s SEXUALITY!

    • logogay

      I saw the RB video repost and it just confirms what I’m saying. It’s far too short for a Treesome (not even 22 minutes long), Johnny only came along halfway through and what did he do? Nothing at all. He couldn’t even be hard at the beginning, which confirms again that he’s not into men! I can also write reviews about videos from many G4P/Crossover actors and spread some that are true or not. Many here on this blog engage in propaganda or advertising for such performers or “agenda” studios! In the end, what remains is the linked/fake gay consumer who believes what these people write here and realizes that these actors or studios are only dragging them further into the abyss with such sleazy gay porn! Everyone has to make up their own minds and see who is telling the “truth” here.

  3. edie

    Kyler with his eye rolled up looks like Dr. Manhattan. 😛

    Love Sir Peter. Solid Performer. <3

    JR is ok.

  4. NovaStar

    Sir Peter makes hit & miss films. I hope these upcoming films are big hits (fingers crossed).

  5. Ben

    Johnny Rapid’s scene with Jack Valor was awesome. He fantasized on X (formerly known as Twitter) about fucking Jack. Then, when he got the chance, he fucked his brains out.

  6. baz

    I grew tired of Johnny Rapid during his first MEN go round, so I find him beyond tedious now.

    Big fan of Sir Peter, so have faith this scene will be worth a watch.

  7. jim

    I really want to see Kyler Drayke get fucked!! On his back, legs up in the air, and I bet that dong of his would be rock hard! Or getting spit roasted by two big dicks in both ends. Love that tight body, the tiny nips, and if you see any of his videos, he has an ass that jiggles. If there is anything that Rhyheim Shabazz has taught the porn world, its verse is not a curse and to be a really great top you need to be a really great bottom!! (and BTW Rhy exceeds in both departments). So Adam Snow, Legrand Wolf along with Kyler (plus a host of others) you’re all on deck . . . .

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