Spotted: Mitch Matthews at a public event (tip @ Jackson)

Last year, Mitch Matthews [movies] was on the news as one of the three men arrested after allegedly trying to have sex with children in the Kansas City area during the NFL draft.

Last month, he was interviewed by a news website about his experience with the total solar eclipse.


  1. NovaStar

    The sad thing is this criminal will find a way back into gay porn again because studios & the performers don’t have much of a moral compass. We’ve seen so many criminals continue in gay porn after committing a crime, he’ll just become another one and that’s a horrible thing. I pray that somehow or another I’m wrong but i don’t see that happening.

    • Camille

      That’s because porn has never been a moral compass itself.

  2. MOP User

    He clearly has no shame at all if he’s giving an interview without even using an alias. 🤢

  3. Jackson

    He’s a child sex predator with no shame in using his government name. I hope his pornstar friends Jonah Wheeler and Joel Someone disowned him.

  4. Jackson

    His dog should be taken away from him. He could be sexually abusing it.

  5. Camille

    I wonder why he is free. I believe the charges against him dropped

    • Jktooo

      I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps acquitted or something?

  6. Marshall Fox

    Does anyone know why this asshole is back on the streets so soon?? If they are to be free that soon it should only be because of a plea agreement to have their dick and balls removed and then they can go free. We let these monsters off too easy, just making them register as a sex offender isn’t enough.

  7. David Howe

    He is advertising on Rentmen again too
    Here is the link

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