AKA: Marco Bill and Steve Peyroux

Belami Online has finally released the scene of Marco Bill and Steve Peyroux. It has been in the archives for quite some time.

Today’s scene is definitely one from the past as we bring back Marco Bill and Steve Peyroux in a scene that we have been holding onto for quite some time. As it is our 30th anniversary this year GD decided it was time to finally release the last of the treasures from the vault.

Marco Bill had scenes released in 2012 at Staxus. He was also known as Patrick Iceberg [movies] and Marc at Boy Fun.

As for Steve Peyroux, the letters Y and R of his last name were interchanged by William Higgins. His scenes on the site were released from 2014 to 2015.


  1. Pavel Ford

    Both these guys had really good gay sex. Marco Bill was always 100% into the sex. I am not so sure how straight he was. Steve Peyroux was pretty to look at and usually a bottom.

  2. bo69

    This is not the first time they did a scene together –They did one which was released on September 8, 2012 with Steve as the bottom and eating Marco’s prodigious load, excellent scene.Marco apparently was bisexual and also a very in demand hairdresser, according to some gossip at the time. Steve was a brilliant, sexy and snarky performer who loved eating cum and probably was bisexual as well–would be nice to find out what happened to them.

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