1. logogay

    Falcon is also a former best gay porn studio that fell deeply and has not recovered to this day. You can see that in the boring staged scenes and actors they have. I also thought “Straight/G4Payer” Reese wanted to make a career in straight porn and only fuck vaginas! Once again we see what a lying, cheating rat he actually is!

    • Ty Huber

      I’m currently subscribed to the Falcon “family” of sites and find it to be high-quality work at a great price — with downloads included. Good variety of model types and scene styles with frequent updates. The actual Falcon brand has especially good rimming lately — a fetish of mine. I’m not a fan of the “compilation” videos that pop up frequently as those are glorified trailers for scenes that have already been posted, but they may be of value to viewers who are new to that site.

    • agentDXP

      Why so much hate? Who hurt you?

  2. Deepgloat

    Johnny Donovan should keep that hair and ‘stache for a while. He’s always been cute, but holy shit, for my money this look elevates him to the downright scorching category!

  3. will

    no idea what this scene is but they should try and recreate al parkers scenes
    love his oral scenes

  4. sdsr

    I would rather watch the originals remastered for HD (several years ago they did some for DVD, but that work could be improved upon). The reasons why those old films contain “favorite moments” is because of who the performers were, not because of the “plot” or what they did “shot for shot.” They seem to be missing the point, which would be in keeping with Falcon’s general decline over the past decade or more.

    • Ty Huber

      Yep. It’s just a marketing gimmick. And there’s a formula to most porn scenes — usually they resemble something we’ve seen before. There are only so many ways to capture sex on camera, but endless variety in models.

    • Sir_Jay

      I both agree and disagree, there are a lot of scnes and movies that can’t be improved with new actors nor new directors and I would like to see remastered or, when the tech improves, to be upscaled with ai.
      But on the other hand there are a lot scenes that have a great set up that would benefit if they where recorded with new actors and without condoms

    • baz

      Exactly, and back then there was still an air of mystery. We know more about porn models nowadays. Al Parker’s gay porn mysique wasn’t ruined by doing a public GoFundMe for a dick enlargement!

  5. Jsmithy

    I thought JD has “crossed over”.
    He was last seen having sex with a cos woman on trans angels.

  6. NovaStar

    Falcon is recreating when the studio was worth a damn. This only shows you how bad Falcon has become and that’s really sad because it used to be so great.

  7. Isrchu

    Looks like the scene from “Champs” with Al Parker and Craig Ryan, where Al Parker picks up a hitchhiker.

  8. Reg

    I would trade every single one of these knock-offs for the originals. Remaster and rerelease, but don’t try pitching Reese Rideout and co. as being on-par with legacy and actual GAY porn STARS.

  9. Sir_Jay

    It isn’t their first time, back in 2017 Falcon also recreated classic scenes in the movie “Route 69”.

  10. BlueVelvet

    “Anyone know which scene this was recreated? So, I can update the post 😁.”

    In the picture with the titles: “Starring Johnny Donovan” the main item is a TV screen. On that screen we see a still from the third scene of the Falcon movie called ‘Weekend Lockup’ (see the old red VW? Isn’t that nice?).
    This movie was released in 1979 and this particular scene was an outdoor solo by the memorable Al Parker, may G*d have his soul. They don’t make porn stars like this anymore!
    While he is jerking he is spied upon by an officer of the law, who arrests him (after the cumshot 😁) and takes him to jail. Next scene is a threesome in that jail with Al Parker, Will Seagers and Steve Taylor.

    Absolutely nothing in the new scene from Falcon has any relation with the old episode with Al Parker. And nothing has anything to do with 1971. Nor has it anything to do with “recreating a favorite moment” of mine, with Falcon. They are totally lost at Falcon today.

    Everybody who is familiar with Falcon Studios of the 70s and 80s, and sees this, immediately will feel the need to puke.

    Sad, just sad.

  11. Cherrysitck

    Leave it to Marc Macnamara to screw up another production. This is pure trash. What a great way to ruin the legacy of a studio that once upon a time was superior.

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