16 thoughts on “Taller guys as the bottom: Alpha Wolfe, Cam Crawford, and Craig Marks

  1. Alpha Wolfe is aging very quickly. Craig Marks is an English prince, a true global beauty. Manuel Skye is that Canadian mystic with hot body.

  2. Alpha Wolfe looks kind of scary, like he’s about to do something to us, he’s not sexy or interesting. The women or other men can like to have him.
    Cam Crawford looks like a bouncer or bodyguard in these pictures for MAP. That looks kind of hot if we’re into that kind of fetish.
    I’d rather not say anything about Bruce, he’s such an aging, grumpy (gay) hypocrite who has verbally stabbed many gays in the back and alienated them.
    Manuel Sky looks really hot, the older he gets, the riper he becomes, like a good wine.
    Craig Marks is the sexiest, hottest guy of all, those eyes, that body. A sex god.

    1. Do you ever get tired of hearing the sound of your stubby wee fingers on the keyboard? Seeing your venomous little diatribes on every single fucking post is exhausting.

      1. I will always post what I want and express my opinion. Just like these guys who constantly sit behind the screen and write comments on other statements and sit at the keyboard. So they constantly read what I write and that is the best confirmation of their own hypocrisy. LOL

  3. I like seeing tall bottoms in gay porn because these guys usually stereotyped as the top. But plenty of tall men prefer to get fucked. Pierce Paris gets a lot of hate on this site but he is an amazing tall bottom. He loves getting fucked by another man.

  4. I’d read that Alpha Wolfe is 6’3″; I’m just curious what shoe size he wears; his feet are huge (I know, I’m looking at the wrong thing). I like watching him, btw.

  5. I know he’s straight married to a cis woman, but I can’t take Wolfe seriously as a top.

    And his tattoos…I swear he went into a parlour and asked for trailer park budget trash.

    1. Alfra Wolfe is pansexual and was with a trans woman plus he came without edits many times as a top; so any “straightness” is long gone if it ever existed.

  6. Craig Marks is still sexy AF! He’s been pretty consistent as a performer and he’s come out of his shell a bit. Before, he was a little reserved and quiet. I’m liking the more vocal, emotive Craig. Still a fan.

    Not crazy about Alpha Wolfe. It has nothing to do with his sexuality or what he is or isn’t. I couldn’t care less. I’m just not feeling him. He’s one of those guys that you see and go “Meh”. At least, for me.

  7. Alpha Wolfe is 37. If there’s ever a warning that drugs are bad, just look at his face. Like a boiled flip flop. 

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