Ethan O’Pry, Kane Fox, Reno Gold, Erik Vejvoda & Jake Waters

Ethan O’Pry

A short haired Ethan O’Pry in his interview at Fresh Men.

Kane Fox

Kane Fox, who is not often the bottom, with Austin Avery as his latest top at Cocky Boys.

Reno Gold

The launch of Reno Gold’s self titled website included scenes of Reno licking his own dick.

Erik Vejvoda

Erik Vejvoda with his cherry busting scene with Bobby Orel at William Higgins. But, it was their sister site at Str8 Hell who released Erik’s first scene as the bottom with his Airport Security scene with Simon Best.


Jake Waters filmed a Christmas themed scene with Chris Damned for Gay Room.

7 thoughts on “Ethan O’Pry, Kane Fox, Reno Gold, Erik Vejvoda & Jake Waters

  1. Too bad Kane Fox doesn’t like taking dick. He’s doing it but he’s always limp. As for his look, seems like he’s just one of those guys who can’t grow attractive facial hair. It’s a thing. He needs to just shave his face BUT leave the body hair alone. None of these guys seems to know what to do with themselves these days. 9 outta 10 are so bent on facial hair because that’s the look but it doesn’t work on every face.

  2. Don’t subscribe to, it’s a rip off. You pay as much as you would for a site that gives you vids of guy-on-guy action. On this site, it’s all solos of him, unless you want to pay more for action with other guys. TOO much OF action on these site.

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