1. FieldMedic

    Both are hot and watching them flip is hot!

  2. Muggy

    Dillion Diaz is such a piece of shit

    • Cherrystick


    • Larry

      What did he do?

  3. Reg

    I REALLY wish Johnny would leave straight, bisexual and trans porn alone. I know he’s screwed himself up a bit with tattoos and piercings, but he’s still handsome and couldn’t gay porn actually have a handsome porn star to itself?

    • baz


      Granted, I’m only interested in seeing Johnny Hill when he’s getting pounded, which thankfully happens a lot these days, just not enough in actual gay porn…..

    • Cherrystick

      It’s not gonna happen. He’s far into the other realms of porn instead of gay porn. He kept talking about how much he loved doing the Cheaper Bi The Dozen orgy. He said it was his best one yet. Believe me that’s only his opinion.

      BTW, he did that orgy along with Dillon Diaz. So there’s another film they worked on together.

  4. Cherrystick

    Damn Chaos Men just went down fast. Went from new faces and a level of authentic unknown hotness to another platform to showcase the same boring ass boys who run around in a pack ducking each other for every single site. That was a deep and steady decline in material.

    • Cherrystick

      *fucking. Stupid auto correct. Haha

    • baz

      I fear someday soon, every porn site will get bought out and just have the same bunch of Pierce Parises just fucking in different configurations

  5. C,A,

    Johnny and Dillon have a lot more Bi scenes out there together. It’s funny how Johnny did that Bi scene with his then Fiance with Wolf Hudson and declared he wanted to get fucked in it and she promptly left him for someone else.

    • baz

      Oops, lol

      Is there an article on this somewhere? I could do with an amusing read.

      • C.A.

        No article. Just watched their socials. His GF was a stripper an had an OF and they did an scerne with Wolf Hudson for each other’s OF and Modelhub channels. it was her first time and he wanted that dick in him a little too much, because after that she broke up with him and married someone else within a year.

    • Andy

      Wow!! That’s interesting! Maybe Johnny Hill confused about his sexuality? I remember last year he said on Twitter he is straight but people disputed it. On his only fans he pushes the straight content but people are more interested in his gay or bisexual content. He definitely loves a cock up his ass that is for sure. I don’t know how old Johnny Hill is but I am guessing late 20s?

  6. Andy

    I don’t understand the hate for Johnny Hill? If you are subscribed to his only fans he DOES get fucked up the ass. Dude been fucked by Micah Martinez a black man more than once. He got fucked by Christian Wilde twice on his only fans. He also got fucked by Dante Colle as well on his only fans. The man is sexually attracted to other men. He is close to Dillion Diaz I believe they used to live together in Las Vegas. But Dillion moved out He lives with his boyfriend Jake Waters in Las Vegas.

  7. Magnus

    Can someone explain how someone as ugly as Johnny Hill even gets into porn? He has a fucking “murder” tattoo. That goes beyond the level of acceptable thug culture. The porn industry has gotten so bad. They just drag a dollar bill through a pile of shit, and these awful performers are what sticks to it.

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