Randy of Sean Cody is in need of your financial help again

Randy had scenes released by Sean Cody from 2013 to 2019.

He has been asking his fans for financial help since 2018. He created a Go Fund Me page in 2019 to help him get back on his feet that raised $750.

Now, it’s about his recovery process from substance abuse.



  1. Trevor St Pierre Vanderbilt

    We all have lows and highs and I know that every human being walks in different directions. But I feel sorry for him because in the many videos in which he appeared he looked like a very sweet guy and although a bit shy his videos were always full of passion and dedication to his partner. It’s sad that he is like he is now, I feel that there are too many problems not only within the porn industry, especially the gay porn industry and its performers.

    And the two most serious problems that I think the industry is facing are.

    Mental health problems
    Substance abuse

  2. Res1

    Chris Strokes is having the same problem.

    I think ebagging is tacky personally and it has become a thing in this current era. What were these people doing prior to GOFUNDME and CASHAPP? Some people don’t even ask…they just assume you will donate and get upset if you don’t. GOFUNDME and CASHAPP shouldn’t been seen as a job replacement. We all go through hardships but that doesn’t mean people have to give you money for yours, especially the ones you create for yourself over and over again.

    • Keenan

      He had a job at a restaurant but when they found out he did gay porn, they fired him.

  3. Miss Piggy

    So he’s going to jail? On the old MOP blog he claimed he only smoked pot. Good luck to him.

  4. HJ

    Not sure if he’s going to jail or to a drug treatment center. Fingers crossed it is the latter. He’s made bad mistakes but I feel sorry for him. Google his name and you’ll find this in the May 7, 2021 Gloucester (Mass.) Times:

    9:40 a.m.: Jason Pacheco, 32, of 7 Woodward Ave Apt. 2 was arrested on Route 128 on an outstanding warrant and a charges of possession of Class B and E drugs.

    Police received a 911 call regarding a truck that had spilled scrap metal all over Route 128 southbound causing vehicles to swerve out of the lane.

    When officers approached the vehicle, they saw Pacheco, who was known to them, in the passenger seat. The driver explained that the truck’s plates were his boss’ old plates and he put them on his vehicle and thought they would fine. While speaking with the driver, an officer noticed that Pacheco was moving his leg to prevent anyone from seeing the door panel. At one point, Pacheco put his hands down toward the door panel.

    Dispatch reported that Pacheco had a warrant.

    Police then placed Pacheco under arrest and noticed that there were three prescription bottles in the door panel where he was reaching earlier. They also found a pipe that they believe was used for smoking crack cocaine.

    • Soothsay

      I mean, this makes sense. I was curious when he put substance abuse in quotes, and having worked as a substance abuse counselor right after I graduated from college (who referred a number of ppl to inpatient), the idea of losing everything is possible, but not likely (half decent places have case managers who can help you to at least protect your property because….what point is there in getting clean if after you’re done you have absolutely nothing to come back to?)

  5. Tye

    I’m so sick of people begging for money after they have brought on their own issues. All folks go through tough times and even have major struggles. There is a choice to use drug/alcohol to mask pain (or for fun) and there is the option to dig deep and find your path without abusing these substances.

    I’ve enjoyed his work and wish him well. However, I have my own bills to pay; that’s why I work 2 jobs! He needs to get clean and find a job, there are plenty out there right now. Also, he can continue in porn if that helps to pay the bills. Just stop fishing for others to bail you out.

    • Chris W

      What an effed up American thing to say, honestly. The decent thing to say would be: I hope he finds help. You have nothing to do with this. And above all: People would not need to ask for help this way if your effed up country would provide a decent social system, so that people would get the care they need without losing everything and becoming homeless. You know? Like other Western, civilized, industrialized nations do without going broke or becoming Venezuela etc. 14 Likes for this is so incredibly sad and just proof that you people won’t ever learn. Go continue to blame people less forunate than you instead of the people you make you work those two jobs!

  6. max

    i feel bad for this guy, but am not surprised….this is all too prevelant for gay porn models – it’s sad

    • Res1

      People really don’t talk about the ramifications of porn post. I always say that the industry attracts a lot of lost souls and often times you have to be soulless to join that industry. It’s no wonder why most pornstars usually have an extensive criminal record. You can’t do something so intimate everyday for money and still have your soul intact. I know a lot of people don’t believe in the spiritual talk but the energy of every person you sleep with becomes a part of your soul like DNA and you don’t know what kind of spirits you’re letting enter your soul through sex, the way in which demonic forces enter the soul. Although I enjoy porn, I have always seen porn for what is. Most pornstars do not leave it without some type of scar, especially the so-called gay for pay ones. A lot of them cannot live with themselves after and they can’t be honest with themselves. The denial is killing them and drives them mad. So many of them have gone went crazy and lost their lives because of it. What is just a “job” can cost you your whole life. Think about it long and hard before you enter.

      • jblah

        “You can’t do something so intimate everyday for money and still have your soul intact.”
        “the energy of every person you sleep with becomes a part of your soul like DNA”
        ” you don’t know what kind of spirits you’re letting enter your soul through sex,”
        “the way in which demonic forces enter the soul”

        What. The. Fuck.
        Your comment reads like Mike Pence fanfiction.
        This is not your opportunity to project your deeply internalized shame by dragging others down to your level to keep you company in your warped sense of personal worth.

  7. Andy

    Yikes Randy needs help I sincerely hope he can turn his life around.

  8. Pertinax

    Miles away from the happiness that porn tries to show. He isn’t alone on this…Do you remember Arpad Miklos, Wilfrid Knight, Erik Rhodes, Macanao Torres, Sebastian Young? The list goes on and on and on…

    • Praetorian

      You should join them.

  9. Soothsay

    I am all over the place with this post.

    a) On the one hand, I agree with a lot of posts that I don’t like “digital panhandling’ that is extremely common. Crowdfunding had noble beginnings (i.e. raising money for people who passed away whose families couldn’t afford burial, and people who needed help with serious illness). It then morphed into ‘need help because I lost my job’ to ‘well, I’d like to have a car’ to ‘give me money’. It amazes me that people set these goals, and proceed to get irritated if their goals aren’t exceeded by hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

    But crowdfunding, most notably for ‘bad actors’ (as in people who have other options but this is easy for them) will continue, and sadly drown out actually needy people – as good people who would help lack the ability – or desire- to differentiate the truly needy from the greedy. It sucks – I generally don’t like crowdfunding (at all) for my own personal reasons, but it’s here to stay.

    b) I’ve read several of Randy’s interviews and I always walked away from them thinking he’s sincere. I never considered him “hot” or one of my SC faves, but he seemed earnest in these interviews. Even when he was talking about his sexuality, he expressed it in a way that was more “look, I don’t know” rather than “gay for pay”. I’ve been rooting for him in the past because he doesn’t seem like an idiot like some.

    c) So this latest information, and the additional info about his criminal past, is dosconcerting. I’m really sorry to hear this. I personally think the post from HJ is right – he’s going to jail, not treatment (well, jail can be treatment for some, or you can get treatment in jail). And if he isn’t in a stable place, with jobs and the economy in the fast-paced-need it is, he’s likely to go right back to that cycle.

    d) A few of the posts are quick to criticize porn as a vehicle for “bad behavior”. I think pornography, for people who ‘have it’, is like GoFundMe – it’s easy money. Yes, there are individuals in the field that have institutional dedication, or speak to employee rights, or are about building a legacy or making porn (as a medium) better. But, for many, it’s just an easy way to get money, with no need to commit if you don’t want to. It’s the ultimate “gig job”. Why it is so intermixed with bad behavior is that it is a gig job that has been historically shamed, and as such, it doesn’t ask as many questions as it could. (“Do you have diseases” is what matters). So if you’re a functional drug addict, or criminally minded, or someone dealing with an untreated mental illness….who cares, so long as you can go on camera and fuck. And some people like these “edgy” individuals (which is why some actors are making unbelievable money on OnlyFans), which dwarf people who construct this as the business it is (thank goodness for ppl like Ryheim Shabazz and Griffin Barrows who can still make it work like a business).

    But, it can be a haven for people who have issues…which it seems, sadly, Randy was one of these. Can he get his life back on track? Who knows? It counts on will people donate.

  10. J-Man

    He needs a sugar daddy before he ages out.

  11. Pertinax

    With his Sean Cody’s ‘fame’, his schlong, his ‘experience’ in porn…He crossed the limit of morality many eyears ago by his on volition and is more than able to make a porn scene ( videoed prostitution )…Troubled as he is, it’s better for him not be involved with sugar daddys, John’s or sponsors…Let’s be honest and ask the question: ” What an addict whore is waiting to sell himsell on OF,JFF or others? ” If he were a nun, a housewife, decent people…I’ll be horrified, but he’s a ( criminal?) addict prostitute…What is he waiting to do what he does best?

    • Rockhard288

      Having a fan site takes some sort of effort now these days in order to get a decent money flow going. The days of taking six figures by just jerking off and showing nude photos are over and have been for about two or so years now. So he would have to get back to doing what he did at Sean Cody to even get a good return back.

      The issue is that many g4p guys especially those that come from SC are not willing to go all the way outside of SC because SC used to do all the work from location, appearance, showing the good and editing the disgust.

      If he were to film the he would end up filming with women, trans, fem guys or some sort of in between which with the audience that knows him is less enthusiastic to see especially when there’s tons of scenes of him fucking and being fucked by other masculine, muscular, ripped jock presenting men. Especially when the concept of those scenes gave him his popularity in the first place.

    • rahul

      what johns means ?

      • Pertinax

        Clients. ‘John’ is the guy who pays and uses a prostitute.

        • Praetorian

          You would know you sanctimonious cunt.

    • Praetorian

      Your shriveled dick matches your shriveled soul.

  12. Pertinax

    Erratum: I would be horrified… ( The rest I’m to lazy to correct ).

    • Praetorian

      You are horrific.

    • Jayson

      Too stupid to know the difference between “to” and “too” as well.

  13. Bsg67

    Ohh his so cute in his video’s, so hot I definitely will give him money…. But I won’t give it to the dirty ugly homeless man on the street

    • Joe

      That’s probably the most vile comment I have ever read . Shame on you . I hope you never loose your way in life ..,

  14. Praetorian

    He is a gorgeous man who always seemed to be having a good time on film. I hope he slays his demons, finds help and conquers his addictions. Best of luck Jason.

  15. shane

    tl;dr. Meanwhile… he was NEVER HOT. How was he ever a thing at SC?????!!!!

  16. Txboi

    I genuinely feel sorry for him but at the same time he is a narcissist egoism man. He believes he deserves to be spoiled by the gay community because he’s good looking and overuses his biggest feature to attract men with money which is his hung dick. Seriously, just like my ex and every dude with big dick I came across my life know they’re hung and know just how use it for their own agenda from doing porn to escort to being promiscuous. Cause they know they can get everyone on theirs knees. Feeding into their Ego so they feel special for being hung. So they’re better than anyone and become cocky and charge. They end up cheating on their love ones cause they believe they can cheat to use their hung dick. They think everyone will crawl to them and worship their hung dick. They seriously believe just cause they got a big dick they are special to be treated like royal. In the end, they end up being use just for sex and never into their personality not having friends or family and end up just like him. Men with big dick will use it to their advantage and use people. I don’t feel sorry for them especially cause they’re hung they think they earn money from gay men because we are so obsessed with big dicks. In the end, we don’t and rather be with genuine love.

    • Jayson

      I think your projecting the treatment you got from your ex onto this situation. No wonder he dumped you.

  17. Octavio

    Some of the comments here are totally vicious and full of malice, the guy is going through a horrible time in his life and while asking for money is not the best thing to do, maybe it’s the only thing he can think of at the moment.

    On the other hand I read a comment that says that porn attracts ‘lost souls’, yes in some cases, but in others they are just guys who want to experience other things, pay off debts and have sex in nice places.

    • Chris W

      I actually read the comments and actually do wonder who in fact is lost – the people doing porn or the people who spew their malice in the comment section of porn blogs. This is a toxic place if there ever was one. So much bitterness and resentment. Sad, really.

  18. Chris W

    I find it extremely sad that no one here (not a single user) realized how incredibly sad the whole situation is. And how American. As Applepie. From beginning to end. Sad how not a single person on here criticized the system, which produces these stories on a daily basis all around your country. And instead of directing your resentment towards those, who allow these things to happen, you blame this poor guy for asking for money. Which in itself is a very American thing. In Europe he would just apply for benefits and get the medical help he needs without having to worry about homelessness or paying for any of that. And me and hundreds of millions of Europeans, Canadians, New Zealanders and Australians are absolutely fine with all of that. Why aren’t you? Think about it maybe. Your system is broken.

  19. Matty

    Why doesn’t he make an OnlyFans account? I’m sure a lot of people would pay for his videos even if he’s just jerking off. He’s look better, but I bet his gorgeous cock is as gorgeous as ever.

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