Kurt Wild, Gage Wilson, Josh Weston, Billy Brandt, Owen & Lukas Ridgeston (January 2008)

Kurt of Corbin Fisher, now as Kurt Wild, sent a message to his fans at Yahoo Groups where he admitted that he was married and with 3 kids.

I was very nervous when I first started but that all went away once I realized how unselfish a "porn star" could be. In my case, I am married with 3 children. I hope that doesn't turn people away thinking I don't take my work to heart, because I certainly do:) Everyone in my home town knows about my work and still love me for who I am. My children like many will probably not ever quite understand what I see, but that changes little to nothing about me. My having a family and learning how to better respect myself and others has guided me to a better dream for the future…

More of the controversial Kurt in the next Blast From The Past posts.

Gage (2006) of Sean Cody as Gage Wilson at Randy Blue and Vance at Chaos Men.

Controversial back then, Josh Weston went bareback for Bodybuilders Bareback.

Billy Brandt [movies] at Cocky Boys with Brad Star as his second and last top in a scene.

Owen was introduced by Sean Cody. After 2008, he joined the army and fought in Iraq where he lost his legs in combat.

Photos sent by Caio, a reader of this blog, of Lukas Ridgeton of Belami Online when he visited the US.


  1. FieldMedic

    Owen also passed away.

    • Res1

      Oh no, what happened? I remember him his amazing bubble butt in the scene with Harley. I did find out that he lost his legs in combat years ago and felt sad about it.

      Man, it’s crazy to think about how much time has passed. Where did it go? The sweet nostalgia! I remember being a sad 17 year old kid cut off from the world by choice and watching guys like Owen when Sean Cody was in its prime and playing virtual avatar games like Second Life and listening to garbage music by Danity Kane, Lol. It honestly feels like a different world. It’s crazy that it has been over a decade now and I feel so old.

      • vonschlomo

        Owen was beautiful. Back in the Golden Era of Sean Cody when part of you would think, “oh my god I can’t believe a guy this hot is doing gay porn!”.

        • Res1

          Yes! They definitely had that allure to them. What happened? It’s crazy now because I feel like there’s two spectrums in porn now. You have the average joes and then you have the super hot, almost Ken like pornstars but the boy next door/jock type that Sean Cody had is rare now.

    • Mike

      Well, unless he died after within the last week, or there is some conspiracy going on to hide his public death notice and/or obituary, he’s still alive and a healthy 33 years old. Geez…. what a thing to say, especially about a disabled vet.

  2. TB199

    As far as I can tell Owen is still alive. Unless it just happened very recently.

    • Mike

      Agreed, he would have had to have died within the last week. These things are public information. I don’t get why people post such garbage.

  3. Cherrystick

    Billy Brandt looks so terrible now. He’s been through failed marriages and is currently married again. He’s gotten tats and has gained an immense amount of weight. He’s practically unrecognizable.

    He will demolish you if you even bring up his gay porn past. In a few blog posts he has responded with complete anger and hatred towards any mention of his alter ego and gay sex. Typical though with many like him.

    Gage was cute. Wonder where he is nowadays?!

    Shocked to hear that Owen passed. That’s horrible. Sounds like he went through one helluva rough ending to his short life.

    I remember how the two news makers back in the day was that of Josh doing bareback and that the late Erik Rhodes took a load in his mouth in the film Fleet Week. That was news because Falcon hadn’t did that in years due to promoting safer sex. He ate the load from one of my all time favorites. The beautiful Jude Collin. I sure do miss him.

    Didn’t Kurt make a comeback not that long ago? I know after his first retirement, he had more kids and started doing professional photography. He was selling his photos online on a self published web site but it’s been quite inactive lately.

  4. R47

    Kurt had been arrested for attempting to kill his wife and for child abuse. I think he was found not guilty on one of the charges.

    Josh Weston. His real name awash Chad. He used to joke that his real name was a porn name used by various guys over the years. Sadly he passed away from complications of AIDS a few years ago.

  5. HJ

    In happier news, Gage Wilson is married with children and seems to be prospering in his home state of Texas.

  6. Bevlap

    Hope ‘Blast from the past’ will become a regular feature on the blog. Interesting to go down memory lane. Nice to see those old photos of Lukas Ridgeton doing publicity in the US. I once met Johan Paulik in Amsterdam at a BA photobook signing session in a sex shop in Amsterdam. I used the opportunity to ask him if my BA fave Karl Tenner, who went on to film for Falcon afterwards, was really Latvian and he confirmed that.

  7. Magnus

    These Blast From the Past posts are fantastic. Sure would like to see current pictures. Some of these guys still look great. Some not so great.

  8. shane

    Kurt Wild used to be so hot. Too bad he was never gangbanged.

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