Marco, Levi Rhodes, Slam Rush, Ethan O’Pry, Christian Wilde, Johnny Rapid, Skyy Knox & Calhoun Sawyer

First Time Bottom

After topping Dane & Rocky, the 6’2 Marco bottoms for the first time at Corbin Fisher with the 5’7 Roman as his top.

From Helix Studios to Boys Halfway House

Levi Rhodes, known for his work at Helix Studios since last year, had a scene last month at Next Door Taboo [gallery] and now at Boys Halfway House.

Open For Business

No more warning of “currently closed to new memberships” at Fraternity X and Slam Rush. So, no more moving to new domains?

Filmed Two Years Ago

Ethan O’Pry, who is currently in Los Angeles looking for a local guy to show him around, with his scene with Elio Chalamet as one of the updates this week at Fresh Men.

Still Looking Forward?

Christian Wilde with his solo at Chaos Men. And, Johnny Rapid [live cam] with his jack off scene at Ben’s Boys.

2014 at Men

Pregnant Girlfriend

Jake Orion promoting his fan site with his pregnant girlfriend.

Where To Do It

Calhoun Sawyer and the owner of Military Classified on a boat in the middle of a lake.

Skyy Knox and Milo Madera for Falcon Studios [gallery] on a surfboard in the middle of a lake.


  1. Pertinax

    When a John… Ahem…Let’s say ‘ a boss ” proposes such a thing as to fuck in a lake, it’s better to let him go to sing opera alone in a hospice Unless. you’re a porn performer… then he will need a back voice in a supporting character there.

  2. Pertinax

    Mrs. Orion is a real lady.

  3. kevin

    milan and sky look nice

  4. Bluelips

    Marco is HOT

  5. Res1

    It’s sad to see the stuff people will do with their children, unborn or not. That’s just gross. I have never cared for Jake Orion.

    • Res1

      Gay men ought not to allow certain things. I feel like that is one. That’s just behind to me. I had to say more.

      It amazes me how women set the standard but so very often play dog vs master to me. How some self respect ladies.

  6. Res1

    I’m surprised Corbin Fisher didn’t milk Marco being a strict top longer. Marco is quite an interesting pornstar because he has a very indigenous look to him that’s quite rare in porn.

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