Marcel Eugene, Aaron Andrews, Nickolay & Ilgiz

Marcel Eugene as a top at Bait Buddies, Treasure Island Media and now at Pride Studios with Aiden Joseph as his bottom.

Aaron Andrews (aka Josh Skywalker) with his first scene at Active Duty as the top to Andrew Miller.

Nickolay & Ilgiz (bottom) with their first scene at The Guy Site.


  1. Akerus

    The scene with Nickolay and Ilgiz looks incredibly hot. As for Active Duty, I’m surprised that they are not producing scenes with NDS models – has Dink Flamingo started directing for them again? I think that i read something about this some time ago, but I am not entirely sure.

    • Mark B

      Andrew Miller is an NDS/StagCollective model, and Aaron Andrews seems to be new. About half of their scenes are Next Door Military Dress-up; the other half are from Dink.

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