8 thoughts on “Then & now on Dane, Ace Quinn & Rafael Ferreira

    1. Or what’s even hotter is that I can’t wait to see Chris fucked! ? Hope CF doesn’t disappoint this time!

  1. I can’t watch Dane since I saw his rap sheet:
    Burglary w/ Assault/Battery
    Disorderly Conduct
    Drug Possession

    Battery…it’s always battery with these guys.

    Urgh and until Darenger steps up…he’s already got boring.

  2. Dane looked great in 2016 before he started packing on the muscle weight looking more rectangular. His personality is about as exciting as white bread. I read so many fans with wild fantasies of how Dane loves all the gay sex…I think he’s just acting like he loves it.

    Looks like Malik Delgaty is finally getting fucked…is there any hope of redeeming his pathetically boring performances?

  3. To be honest, I’m not a fan of Ace Quinn’s neck ink, but have you guys seen the amazing ink on StagCollective/Active Duty’s Tyler James? That dude is SO hot and is completely vers: his Only Fans is so freakin hot…

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