Matthew Camp barebacked by Matthew Camp

A foursome at Men that included a life-sized replica of Matthew Camp that you can fuck. And, that is exactly what the real Matthew Camp did with his replica.


  1. Res1

    It’s like sleeping with a corpse. No thanks.

  2. FieldMedic

    Thanks, I hate it!

  3. Peter (@Purpl3_Peter)

    lol those guys are hilarious!

  4. Muggy is run by retards

    • andrew

      Decent people have stopped using the term “retards” decades ago. Join the 21st century.

      • Muggy

        They’ll live

      • Alex

        But you’re not a decent person so shush hun.

  5. IDK

    Did someone exchange the water for spoiled cum at the studio or something? Oh my…

    This reminds me of that time where they make the performer (don’t remember who) fuck a freaking turkey on scene.

    We are reaching new levels of stupid every year it seems.

  6. Andtonic

    This gives a whole new meaning to “go fuck yourself”

  7. Rockhard288

    Doing something like that has to be peak narcissism

    • eric

      I am surprised Pierce Paris did not do this first.

  8. Reg

    I’ve never seen a doll that looks least like someone! There’s no resemblance whatsoever and the very least one of them could have done is ride the dildo.

  9. Badgamer1967


  10. Pavel Ford

    OK, the doll is spooky and makes everyone on set uncomfortable. They are paid $ to overlook it.
    But, we are all missing the obvious here… Why would anyone make a doll of Matthew Camp??
    This guy is NOT AT ALL attractive. OK, nice body but I cannot “Look” past those hawk eyes. He is almost cross eyed. Looks like he was kicked in the head by a donkey as a small child.
    I know that’s probably too politically incorrect for “andrew” so I will apologize in advance.

    • Alias74

      Sweet Baby Harry Potter….this comment was EVERYTHING! I think Camp is super sexy but the “hawk”, cross eyed and donkey comment was INCREDIBLE.

      Just. WOW.

      Also let’s not forget that the “R” word has an actual definition for which it can be used as a descriptive and a noun. Additionally, it’s a true technical word with an actual scientific application.

  11. Camille

    I like some concepts of but I think it is sometimes dull and ridiculous. No sexy at all.

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