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    1. He’s a straight up fascist. And in common Trumpian behavior likes to bemoan and complain that he lost his followers and popularity due to his views. Rightfully so.

  1. I think Angel gets off of the attention of people giving him crap for being bi. It kinda remind me of how gay guys would pretend to be bi on tumblr 6-10 years ago or how bi guys would go out of their way to accentuate their bi-ness in an attempt to seem cool by liking a random pic of breast or a girl in lingerie. No one cares and people still see you as a big ol’ queen, Angel.

    Jeffery Lloyd used to be so hot, but he’s yet another victim of extreme body dysmorphia… When will it end vaya, vaya!

    Happy holidays MOP and everyone. 🙂

    1. Angel comes across as an obnoxious, self-centered and narcisistic person who needs a lot of attention and validation. I bet 95% of everything that comes out of him is an absolute lie.

  2. ShowMe @RealTeamJake is a total asshole. Trump is the most dangerous and divisive thing to happen to the United States since the Civil War.

  3. Jake Porter is a strange guy. For a Trump supporter he posting several videos having sex with Black men on his only fans. It is a bit surprising. I thought Trump supporters are white supremacists?

    1. Having sex with black men doesn’t make you not racist. And in fact most black interracial porn is depicted in very racial undertones. Who knows what went through his mind when he did those scenes.

    2. Any supporter of a president who was found guilty along with his father of discriminating against providing housing to african americans at 16 and who thought the central park five should be executed after being found guilty of rape and did not apologize for it after they were shown to be innocent and who denied the citizenship of the first african american president is racist period full stop

  4. When it comes to Angel and his constant pointing out of gay men who detest his bisexuality or bi porn, I feel like this…

    Personally I’m not a fan of bi porn in the slightest b/c I’m a gay male. To the men who are bi and are producing content in all realms, go ahead and do you boo BUT you’re going to have to expect your gay following to be upset and there’s nothing wrong with that as well. They have a right to feel thrown off and upset. Especially towards those men who started off saying that they’re gay just to flip switch. You kind of do feel like you’re just being played for your gay dollar.
    It’s weird.

    If you started off projecting that you’re gay only and have been producing strictly gay talent only to one day out of the blue put out a post of you licking and sticking vaginas, of course you better get ready to receive some backlash, negativity and criticism. Your majority following is of strictly homosexual men. Reposting private conversations and trying to put these ex fans of yours on blast is not only unprofessional but just fucking tacky. Then to have the other performers to chime in with the alienation is beyond stupid.

    Maybe the best thing you should do is ignore them and move on. Like most of the comments on the post stated, maybe block that person. Instead you just are becoming attention seeking and the alienation you supposedly feel for being (I’m guessing) bi or pansexual is essentially the same thing you’re doing to him for being a homosexual. How many damn times are we gonna see another post where you’re talking about how you don’t care what people think about your screwing chicks?! Good we got it now let’s move along.

    1. If most of them were honest with it in the beginning I doubt there would be much backlash. But they wouldn’t have been as popular either.

      It’s very clear most of these bi guys like women more than men that’s why they love to announce and show themselves with womenx

    2. Why are people so upset a porn model is bisexual? These men are male prostitutes they have sex with whomever pays them. Yes most fans of gay porn are gay men BUT they do have a straight female fanbase. And yes some of your favorite porn models aren’t really gay but bi. They fuck female fans too. I just think it is silly to get mad about whom a male prostitute will have sex with. At least Angel is honest about it. There are gay porn models who put on facade they are only into other men yet they fuck FTM. Boomer Banks, Max Konnor, Adrian Hart, and more. So are gay men pissed off about that too?

      1. Yes. They’re mad at both. That list goes so long it’s crazy. Austin Wolfe, Atlas Grant, Cade Maddox, Jack Hunter, Scott Demarco, Avery Jones, Brock Banks, Sharok, Sean Duran, Cutler X, Rocco Steele and many many more.

        Even Diego Sans with Lana Summers which in that scenario (those who defend their stance on trans porn) would say that he slept with a woman.

        Honestly it’s confusing at this point. Like I said in the beginning… do you boo BUT don’t get pissy over the backlash, comments and questions. These guys need to get ready for the praises and the criticisms.

        1. But the criticism is silly and immature. A male prostitute is going to have sex with whomever pays him. These sex workers want attention and gratification. Why do you care who a male model has sex with? You’re not going to have sex with these men. Most people are NOT going to have an opportunity to have sex with, angel or Culter X? So you are upset male prostitutes have sex with opposite sex? These men are sex workers they will have sex with whomever they want. They do it for money, they do it for attention. But getting mad about it is silly.

  5. You want know the name of the disease when you have no relevancy and are becoming nothing interesting to even talk about??? It’s diagnosed as Jake Porterism.

    Look at the number of these dudes who are just catching COVID left and right. The scary thing is that they film these fans site scenes that aren’t mandated with testing before filming. Shit is scary. Max Konnor is busy licking and sucking every genital he can find and there’s the possibility that he could’ve spread this to someone else. It’s careless behavior. My advice… zip it up and lay low. Dick is great but it’s not worth the risk of catching this virus.

    Congrats Cameron on your engagement.

    Travis Connor made me want to get all hands on deck with his arts and crafts. Yum.

    Teddy and that tongue thing is absolutely ridiculous and dangerous. They tell you about the severe nature of getting just a tongue ring but slicing that sucker I’m half is too much.

  6. Why would Jeffrey do that do his throat? Unless it’s a target for vocal chord removal.

    And Troy seems determined to imbody the “trailer trash” look…how chic.

    I really can’t gauge Jason. He didn’t start in porn, but instead escorting solely for men, although he pitched himself as being 100% straight. Then it was onto porn, but his content is incredibly mucky. He’s bottomed once that I know of to an FTM…but what does his wife think of all this?

    And Jake…you don’t spew cum anymore and it’s all just hate now, right? He comes across as being so bitter and I really don’t know why. He’s white, privileged, had a fanbase, no longer identifies as gay and in his own words “Bi if you insist on labels”, which I’m assuming is straight. He’s the repost king, he’s an antivaxxer…what does he want from people?

  7. Getting blocked by Jake Porter was a major achievement, if you ask me.

    Teddy Bryce is a sex god and I love his body mod. To each his own.

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