Same guys, same theme & same clothes

Two scenes, two weeks apart, released by Say Uncle that had Ian Holmes (or Holms) bully Grant Ducatti (or Ducati).

The first one happened inside a restroom.

Football jock Ian Holmes is ranting while being in the urinal next to geeky twink Grant Ducatti. A few words from Grant and Ian decides to release his frustrations by bullying and punishing Grant, bending that boy over and instructing him to get on his knees and open wide!

Then, inside a classroom (scene description switched their names).

Grant Ducatti is looking for the coach but finds Ian Holmes instead. After Ian smart mouths Grant, he decides to punish Ian to the highest degree. Grant rips Ian’s clothes off and starts fucking him from behind, taking no lip from a nerd like Ian.

8 thoughts on “Same guys, same theme & same clothes

  1. Well Grant does look like a teen Trenton Ducati, I suppose the extra “t” means they’re not related. LOL. He’s cute and loves cock, so no complaints here.

  2. I’m sorry, I’m so confused here, mainly because I don’t know either of these two performers, but the first scene description says Ian fucks Grant, and the second says Grant fucks Ian, but in all the pictures the same guy is topping. So who is the top and who is the bottom?

    1. That has happened more than once at Say Uncle – identifying the wrong guy in the scene description.

  3. Spelt as ‘Ducati’ on his Twitter and OF. Scenes with Naked Sword, Hot House & Missionary Boys already filmed but not yet released. Bottomed for Max Konnor on OF.

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