An upcoming site with gay, bi, trans, str8 & lesbian content

Modern-Day Sins will officially launch on the first day of 2022.

One scene per day dedicated to one of the 7 sins.

  • Greed (Greedy Creampies) – creampies, double-creampies, “risky”/”unwanted” creampies, pregnancy schemes, etc.
  • Envy (Anal Envy) – anal, rimming, gaping, double penetrations, anal creampies, milk enemas, etc.
  • Lust (Lust Triangles) – threesomes, almost-caught, getting-caught, on-the-phone cheating, under-the-table cheating, rivalry, etc.
  • Gluttony (Cum Gluttons) – cum & squirt facials, cum & squirt swallowing, cum & squirt swapping, bukkakes, etc.
  • Pride (Proud Pervs) – exhibitionism, nudism, public sex, swingers, swapping, cuckolding, etc.
  • Wrath (Mad Fuckers) – ripping clothes, hate fucks, consensual humiliation, spanking, dom/sub play, strap-ons, etc.
  • Sloth (Idle Fantasies) – sleep creeping, stuck sex, bait-&-switch, spying/voyeurism, etc.

It will start with 3 straight, 1 lesbian, 1 transsexual, 1 bisexual and 1 gay scenes.

The gay scenes are filmed by their sister sites (Next Door Studios, Pride Studios & Disruptive Films). And, the pair-up of Beau Banks & Dalton Riley will be the first to be released. While, the first bisexual (Jake Waters & Mason Lear) and transsexual (Dillon Diaz) scenes to be released included guys who film for gay porn.

24 thoughts on “An upcoming site with gay, bi, trans, str8 & lesbian content

  1. This sounds destined to fail. It’s like they’re trying to cater to everyone, but in reality people won’t pay a subscription if they are only interested in a small proportion of content.

    As a gay man, I have little interest in straight, lesbian and trans sex. I also can’t see straight guys wanting to sub to a site with gay and trans porn. Who knows, perhaps they’ll tap in to the completely fluid market??

  2. Who’s gonna pay a monthly subscription knowing that they will only get one of two scenes they like per week? Sounds like an awful marketing strategy.

  3. So…two homos are making sex and…out of the blue…watchers feel a very uncanny stench of sardines coming from the screen: A woman comes to the scene! …and than gay people can practically hear the sea among the smell of sardines…

  4. Trying to capture some of the Devil’s Film and Evil angel audience? The difference is unlike those sites this will feature Boy/Boy scenes. I wonder for how long?

  5. Gay porn is dead, specifically the gay pornstar. When you do find an awesome guy, he is usually confined to a studio with the same ol’ tired formula such as Men. The porn feels very cold and passionless. They might as well create one hub that distributes porn from multiple studios for a flat rate. I haven’t been that excited about anything porn related this year. I find myself getting off to clips I find on Twitter and watching the old stuff when I want something less amateur.

    1. If it’s shot well, and almost always that means there’s a cameraman, I prefer amateur stuff these days. The guys are picking other people they like and want to fuck, and they can do what they want rather than be matched with someone they don’t care for by a studio and be directed. There’s plenty of poorly shot amateur stuff, though: Austin Wolf, Colby Jansen, Rafael Alencar—the guys who just put a phone on the far side of the room and I guess hope for the best (actually, I don’t think they much care).

      I don’t know about this new site; I like Dalton Riley, but I wouldn’t pay to see him fuck Beau Butler. The rest, as described, doesn’t do anything for me.

      1. I like gay, straight, bisexual porn with two men and a cis gender female. I will even watch FTM porn. But I cannot and will not watch MTF porn. That kind of porn just takes me out a real turn off seeing a man pretend to be a woman yet have a penis. This site should keep MTF porn out.

        1. Andy, the people who will like this site will more than likely like MTF. This isn’t a site for gay men, dummy.

  6. Side note: Since comments below Francois Sagat’s pegging scene are closed, I’m posting it here. Apparently it’s much more than just pegging. He goes tongue/balls deep in her vagina, pegging is just “bonus” to the scene.

    1. Attached some screenshots, but looks like they don’t pass in comments, maybe Denz will post them.

    2. Francois has been bisexual for decades. He’s just been lying about it. His old Facebook account said ‘interested in women’ in 2011 or so. He changed it once people started asking questions lol

  7. I have no issue with a site with mixed content. I enjoy gay, bi and straight scenes. But any glimpse of lesbian or trans scenes will be a total boner killer. I wouldn’t even return. So hopefully they won’t all be mixed together.

  8. I’m guessing we’re going to be seeing a lot of Dante Colle scenes since he’s already worked for the 3 sites named above and done almost all of the types of scenes described.

    1. Probably Lance Hart too as he can fuck (or be fucked) by anyone. That’s not a knock; I like him. To me, he’s the most handsome man in porn, especially as he’s gotten a bit older, with the gray at the temples and a bit more filled-out physique. Oh, man, I think Lance Hart is good-looking. I’d rather see him with men, or at least one other man in the scene, though.

  9. This isn’t a site for gay men, but of course Denz is presenting it as if it is because Denz is bi/pan.

  10. This site is not going to get straight guys to sub to it because of the gay stuff and gay men won’t sub because of the lesbian scenes this is about the most stupid site i have come across to be put out there. This would be a total waste of money to sub to.

    1. I guess those at the top honestly think that the twitter bi/pan/fluid audience:
      1) Bigger than any other category
      2) willing to pay for content in this manner

      Rude awakening will come than they’ll shift to mostly gay and gay models to try and get the gay dollars rolling through. Like the other failed bi/trans ventures

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