August Alexander accused of assault by Bobby Ryker

UPDATE Noir Male on August Alexander “… we will no longer be working with him and a request for all our branding to be removed has been made.

22 thoughts on “August Alexander accused of assault by Bobby Ryker

    1. Don’t paint with such a broad brush. Not all sex workers are mentally unstable and no sex worker deserves to be assaulted like that.
      Try and have some compassion next time.

      1. I wasn’t referring to Bobby. I was referring to August. You know that but chose to mislead anyway. Says a lot about you.

  1. This man has the receipts and no surprise August Alexander is another snow queen. What a loser beating up a white man because he didn’t want to date you LOL! These black models are really pathetic. August Alexander one of those blacks who cry a lot about prejudice in gay porn yet chase white men. I sincerely hope this creep ends up in jail.

    1. What does race have to do with it? The porn stars are drug heads that live a life of sex, money, drugs and violence so there’s no wonder it happen…race has nothing to do with it until u brought it up…it ur racist just say so everybody knows gay white men are more racist than any group thus the hate they receive…thanks for exposing urself and the truth about gay white men.

    2. This comment should be deleted. The racism involved is clear. Typical whiteness, claiming prejudice when there is no evidence of it.

    3. Yet Max (the guy who did the post) BLM and their supporters would call you a racist for pointing out that he’s black and beats up a white man for not wanting to date him. I’m a person of colour and I DO NOT support BLM and I think that Bobby has every right to get him arrested and thrown in jail. Are we now at the point that black people can’t be jailed because of their race? Lest we forget he took an IRON to the back of this man’s skull. I don’t think race has anything to do with it necessarily or that all sex workers are substance abusers (I know you didn’t say that but someone on the thread did). I think that BLM has allowed convenient compassion to take over legal justice and what is right.Timothy needs to be found, tried and punished for injuring another human for crushing his fragile ego. It says more about him and than you. And for the record before anyone says, “You’re not black enough and don’t understand.” Why should anyone have to try to “understand” why Timothy can’t handle rejection. That’s not a race thing; it’s a stupidity thing.

  2. Did he report this to the police? Go to the hospital to be treated. Also, if he told the hospital workers what happened, it’s hospital policy to photograph and notify police.

    1. Yes, yes he did report it to the police. In fact, as discussed in the story above, this has made its way to the court system and there is a warrant out for “Alexander”.

      1. His Tweets are protected, so I don’t know the last time he posted on social media, but I’m guessing he’s on the lam?

        I think Corbin Fisher’s Lucas still is and has been for years.

    1. This has been reported to the police and the courts have issued a warrant for his arrest. The assault has not been discredited. The story above covers those details.

    2. Maybe because so many white accuser don’t tell the entire story. All you have to do is search this very website of all the similar stories that end up not really being the entire story. The porn business is full of no morals or values and will do anything for a dollar. I say if you choose to live this type of life style you better be able to take the good and bad. Many prostitutes have been robbed of their money by Johns so violence is bond to happen when you live this type of life.

    3. Black on White crime gets punished almost immediately in most cases don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. Poor man. Those injuries are EXTREME and it looks like he’s going to be left with some awful scars. Stiches in his head, TEETH MARKS? What the Christ kind of monster BITES someone? I’m so glad that he reported it. Felony though…August is going to be looking at a hefty prison sentence and also am I right in thinking, never being allowed to leave the US again?

  4. I’m shocked, simply shocked. “August” seems like the kinda marriage material you could bring home to mom. /s

  5. August is a great guy! I’m sure there is a back story. Do t believe everything that you hear. I have been friends with him since childhood. So screw your opinions!

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