Channing Rodd had scenes released by Gay Hoopla, Bi Guys Fuck and Hot Guys Fuck from 2019 to 2021.

According to Bi Guys Fuck, Channing wants to film again.

Dawson was introduced in 2005 by Corbin Fisher and now has over 100+ scenes released. He may have scenes (recycled) released till 2020 but I think he left in 2015.

If you miss him, he visited Corbin Fisher.

25 thoughts on “Channing Rodd & Dawson

  1. I don’t know if it persists, as so many gay porn consumers these days weren’t even around in the Dawson era, but Dawson was like the number one Corbin Fisher guy of all time, seemingly. There’s sorta two CF’s. The Dawson era where almost all the guys were gay-for-pay, especially the most popular ones and then there’s the modern era where the sentiment has turned and there’s a lot of disinterest or even hostility toward straight/bi/pan/fluid and CF has many openly gay super stars, like Max and Elian, with rabid fan bases.

    Anyway, I always heard that Dawson was such a nice guy and sincere but he just so happens to have a few mannerisms that remind me of someone that I knew personally who I knew to be very fake so on screen, in videos, the segments of Dawson’s scenes showing his personality and that laugh, etc….just always struck me as very mechanical and robotic and for the cameras. In the end, perception is all that matters as my relationship with “Dawson” is only as the product of gay porn that “Dawson” is as I experience it on my screen, which may not be anything like Andrew is in his personal life. I first knew him as Andrew living in Iowa, was it? On the Internet, selling his sexiness, before his career with CF launched.

  2. Boy, Dawson still has it and could get it from me anytime that he wanted. It’s just a shame that he’s not into guys.

    1. Dawson and Connor were the golden boys at CF and put in some great performances. There used to be a CF audio blog/podcast. Dawson was interviewed a couple times with his MOM. Seemed like a good guy.

    2. You’re simply delusional if you think he isn’t into guys lmao. Have you send his best work? He also does escorting (which is fine) and he has no problem having casual sex with guys even then. It’s time to wake up. Lol

  3. I loved the awesome Dawson. He was handsome well built and a great performer. Like Stu on SC he seemed to be as beautiful on the inside as he clearly was on the outside. As for Channing Rodd: definitely bring that handsome, muscular hung stud back. I’m sure a lot of bottoms like me fantasized about being taken to pound town by the Rodd man.

  4. Saw him standing outside Terminal 1 at San Diego airport once, talking in the phone. His pics and videos just don’t do him justice. He is truly stunningly handsome, and he just oozed with charisma.

    1. He was losing his hair last I saw on FB. He wasnt very active on FB but llast I checked he had a GF and she had kids so it looked or seemed like he was doing the family thiing. But this was all pre2018 if I remember correctly.

    2. I thought he was on the run.

  5. Dawson must have a picture in his attic.

    As for him not being into guys, give me a break. He’s bisexual at least. If he is escorting and making gay porn since 05, he’s hardly straight.

    His chemistry with Lucas and Connor was off the charts. Also good with Chandler, Josh.

    He’s the reason I joined CF.

    If I had loot, he’d never have to work again, lol

  6. It’s incredible to see Dawson again, he still looks divine!
    Chris Rockway and Dawson were my gay sexual awakening and seeing him again (Dawson, of course) brings back so many memories of a time that was difficult in many ways but incredible in others. I hope he gets his act together and makes a mini comeback.

    As for Channing, he’s an intermediate performer, I’ve seen several of his videos and compared to others in the Gayhoopla roster, Channing is halfway decent.

    1. You tried Channing. He is one of their best models. He does damn near everything except for bottoming. He sucks dick, eat ass, eat cum, STAYS HARD! Put some respect on that man’s name and then you had the nerve to say compared to others when most of their guys suck (the white ones, lets be honest) and they can’t keep a damn hard on.

  7. It’s hard to tell that a model went missing with Biguysfuck/gayhoopla because they film so many scene and have so much content, which is kind of hard on the models. The boys fly in from other parts of the country so they try to get as much content when they’re out there as possible.The last time Channing left, they said he had been gone for almost a year, but they had been putting out [old] scenes with him the whole year. In fact, he just had a scene on HotGuysFuck within the last two months. So I didn’t even know he had gone anywhere.

  8. Dawson was their poster boy. For me, Corbin Fisher’s quality dropped like a stone after his gang-bang, which was their ceiling point. It set a standard that they never reached again.

    He’s still gorgeous and I’d trade absolutely each and other one of their current models for him to be filming again.

    It’s such a waste that they can’t/won’t bring him back.

  9. The notion that Dawson is straight might be because when he has sex with guys he’s paid meanwhile he dates females, which many times ends up paying money, too, but I’m guessing he’s not giving his women girlfriends wads of cash. LOL

  10. If Dawson and Connor are some of Corbin Fisher’s BEST models, I’d hate to see who were their worst. I never cared for white bread Dawson and Connor. While I’m not ageist, I do not care to see a 40 something year old man sleeping with 25 or younger young men. Besides, I’m not nostalgic when it comes to pornstars who have over a dozen videos such as Jarek from Sean Cody. You did your time so now as a 30 year old something move on to something more graceful.

    1. Dawson has about 100 scenes and I like only a few of them, mostly for the OTHER guy. While Dawson did ACT like he was into having sex with guys there’s Connor who’s stiff as a board so it was basically watching Connor’s scene partner fucking a plastic Ken Doll. Connor had the big dick but nearly always almost invisible come shots. Then there’s Dawson with the smiley face and the gym bunny body stricken with a not even porn average size cock. Both shaving, shaving, shaving every hair every where. CF over the years has been slowly creeping up on the apparent age starting out as and highly successful at, casting “college” age guys. The joke started out that guys like Dawson who was there for like 8 years was getting PhD’s. Nothing whatsoever wrong with being or appearing 24 or 26 or 30 or 35…it’s just that Sean Cody back in the day got all the hot guys 25-35!

  11. Channing needs to find a better studio than Gayhoopla or Biguysfuck. It would be great to see him at NextdoorStudios, so that Jayden Marcos and him can be in a scene together. Channing and Jayden were great together, IMO.

  12. Dawson remains one of my all-time favorite CF models. His chemistry with Lucas in particular is a definite high-point of his and Lucas’ CF career. I continue to watch his videos whenever the chance comes up. There are a few that really turn me on; one is with him and Jackie (from ACS) and the other is from CF Select when he has sex by the fireplace with Harper (it’s a flip fuck).

    I’d love to hire him if he escorts – imagine being in bed having sex with Dawson? What a dream come true!

  13. Channing is involved in the whole “forex trading” mlm scheme, just like many of the performers on GH. They all usually start out there to make a quick buck to pay the fees to enter the mlm. Julian Rodriguez was also in that scheme too.

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