Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid at Men from 2011 to 2020.

Johnny Rapid, who did a live cam show yesterday, with his latest photo shared on Twitter.


  1. Muggy

    So overrated it’s insane

  2. Bruiser

    Because he’s been in porn for a decade we forget what a twink sensation Johnny Rapid was when he first came on the scene. He was a phenomenal performer.

    • Fathom

      Well, taste in this sort of thing is subjective so I respect your opinion but disagree that he was a phenomenal performer. A tiny little guy being reamed out and pounded relentlessly by Rafael Alencar and taking two huge cocks at the same time numerous times…I guess I’d allow grants him some sort of performance cred. But did he ever one time look like he enjoyed the sex? No, not to me at least. He always looked to me like he’d rather be painting the garage. I believe he did one scene at Men (possibly one with twins?) where he kissed one of them. Otherwise, he never showed any affection or enthusiasm or interest in his scenes, and I found him unwatchable.

      I don’t care enough to look it up, but the JohnnyRapid site is designed just like the site, so I’ve wondered if Men owns it. That said—and I wrote this on another post here recently—I never thought I’d say it, but he’s got some hot scenes there. One with Mason Lear and Tom Bentley in particular. He seems to have loosened up, um, pun not really intended, but I guess it’s apt.


        Johnny kissed Paddy O’Brian in “5 Years In The Making” and Daniel Hausser in “Shut Up and Take This Dick”. I don’t remember now, but maybe there are more scenes with kisses. Johnny did over 250 scenes, I can’t remember them all.

        • Brad

          Jake Bass. I’ve seen him do a little more kissing on his own site, so I think he’s gotten past that block.

  3. Sebas

    I’m obsessed with him. It’s weird because I’m not usually into twinks, but there’s something about his smiles, his sweet eyes and his gorgeous cock that does it for me. He’s also a terrific performer, as a bottom AND a top. I really hope he continues making porn for many more years, especially more RAW content.

  4. Reg

    I can’t take it seriously how they’ve been desperately trying to rebrand him as a top. He’s not a top. I can’t even imagine him topping his wife, who he beats to the point of having a criminal record for it.

    I do believe he holds the record for being topped by the most number of men, ever, in gay porn. It’s been literally hundreds.

  5. andrew

    Young Johnny Rapid was a cutie with a welcoming little booty. I read that Johnny has an auto repair shop in Atlanta. I don’t doubt that his booty has helped him over the years pay a lot of bills. Go Johnny!

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