You’ve watched Damien White top guys at Active Duty [gallery], Next Door Studios & Stag Collective [gallery 01, gallery 02 & gallery 03].

You’ve watched him top the site owner of Beefcake Hunter (as Brad) & Military Classified (as Dillinger).

You’ve watched him top women for sites like See Him Fuck.

You’ve watched him top a transsexual at Devil’s Film [gallery].

Now watch him bottom to Fox Rifler at The Guy Site.

16 thoughts on “Top to bottom for Damien White

  1. Oh wow! Been hoping he’d bottom one day and am pleased it’s sooner rather than later but the site he chosed for his bottoming debut is quite lousy with limited camera angles and lack lustre direction. I hope this will be the first of many more bottoming scenes as there so many more better studios who’d loved to have him spread those muscular cheeks of his.

  2. I can’t imagine they offered much for him to give up the goods. And double lol since he said months ago he was DONE with that gay shit because he was signed to Hussie models and was fucking millionaire wives in LA. What happened?

    1. Well, it does look like he’s had a hard life between sites. I’m not sure a millionaire’s wife would really risk a divorce over him.

      I am surprised though, because I thought this guy had a MASSIVE issue with his gay porn work. He’d never mention it, nothing buy vaginas on Twitter, etc.

  3. This is going to sound harsh and at this point, I don’t care. I don’t get his appeal. He’s boring as hell, vaginal obsessed on his socials and clearly has a disdain towards gay sex and yet he’s head down, ass up having sex with men. These guys kill me.

    If he was really str8 than thou, he’d dive deep into str8 porn and drown himself in females. I know they always claim that it’s because str8 porn doesn’t pay enough. Sure Jan but so what!?! Think about it like this… more scenes, more pussy. You’ll make up the difference in money and have sex with what you claim you love.

    My advice, don’t bad mouth gay sex and gay men while sleeping with us. You said you don’t care for that gay shit than leave us and our realm alone. That’s how I feel. I have no tolerance for these type of guys.

    1. Guys like him who do gay born but hate it never learn to keep their mouths shut about it or just move on.

    2. His scenes with women were pretty dry as well, he looked uncomfortable and bored, maybe he just sucks at sex.

  4. Its probably for the best. He had real difficulty getting hard and keeping it up in almost every scene I watched. Maybe he just gets creeped out by the camera guy and performs better when there’s fixed cameras and no other people. Or maybe he’s just really lousy at sex and good at fooling women that he’s a stud. Either way if he needs money its best that he just present his hole and let it get used as nature intended.

  5. Ugh, he’s still here?

    He should have taken a TimTales dick on a site that has actual good porn cinematography.

  6. The scene was dry as all hell. He barely made an attempt to suck dick doing the bare minimum. Which he did a much better job when he first tried it in another scene he did. Though he surprisingly handled getting fucked decently. Which btw the top took it super easy on him. There is fake fucking and one part where it’s glaringly obvious. Hopefully they make him earn his keep and someone pounds him out properly. I doubt this will be the last time we see him bottom in.

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