9 thoughts on “A fully naked Ryan Bones in his upcoming scenes

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being heavier…but he either needed to embrace that last year, or just not appear in scenes, because being clothed was ridiculous.

    Huh, maybe the new girlfriend he’s gushing over on social media demanded he dropped his weight.

    I know he’s Gay4Pay, but that is far more off-putting than being a little heavier.

    1. Do you literally follow every porn star on twitter so you can obsess over their personal lives?

      Seriously Reg! Even when you’re correct on your primary point you still have to be creepy.

      1. Didn’t you die?

        Seriously…I thought we were spared you.

        The creepiest thing is you only ever rearing your foul head to comment on what I comment on, personal to me and totally unrelated to the topic.

        Try getting a life, which doesn’t revolve around mine.

        1. You criticise me for apparently being caught up in your psychopathy, while simultaneously pointing out that I’m not all that interested in you. Weird.

        2. LOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL…projection of the year!

          Dear Reg,

          “Try getting a life, which doesn’t revolve around mine.”

          -Literally every male porn star with a social media account

  2. For the amount of content he produced with Teddy Torres, it’s strange that Teddy still hasn’t taught him how to satisfy a dick with his mouth yet. Holding it in there for a few seconds and giving it a few licks doesn’t count! You can to better, Ryan!

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