Rick Ross, Cameron Foster, Jake Lyons, AJ Monroe, Devin Draz, Doug, Cody Cummings, David Dakota … (Nov. 2009)

Rick (2007) of Corbin Fisher aka Rick Ravishing (2008) of Next Door Studios was now Rick Ross of College Dudes.

Charlie of Frat Men was now Taylor of Chaos Men

Cameron (2009) of Sean Cody was introduced, who will be known as Foster (2010) at Corbin Fisher. He is more known as Cameron Foster (e.g Next Door Studios).

Greg of Corbin Fisher was also known as Jake Lyons (e.g Falcon Studios).

AJ was introduced by Chaos Men, who became known as AJ Monroe (e.g Pride Studios).

Devin Draz had a str8 scene with his real life wife.

Two former Frat Men paired at Chaos Men – Hagan (aka Taj) & Parker (aka Travis).

Doug of Sean Cody was fucked for the first time in an orgy – not on the site anymore but available on AEBN.

Sebastian Cruz [movies] in a str8 scene.

Cody Cummings filmed more scenes with guys who gave him head till 2015.

In an interview (now gone), David Dakota [movies] applied at Sean Cody and he was guy #2 when his solo shoot was released.

  • He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and worked as a product design for corporate America.
  • He was previously married to a woman.

20 thoughts on “Rick Ross, Cameron Foster, Jake Lyons, AJ Monroe, Devin Draz, Doug, Cody Cummings, David Dakota … (Nov. 2009)

  1. Jake Lyons was a cute sexy little guy with a big dick who usually bottomed. He did a lot of scenes for different studios. I remember a really sweet and hot scene where he bottomed for muscular hottie Marcus Mojo. Hope wherever both of those guys are today life is treating them well.

        1. Criminal, but he was diagnosed as being delusional and unfit to stand trial, so was incarcerated at a mental facility and medicated. He’s actually served the original sentence now, though, so he’s due for release. And I see that the courts are now reconsidering whether he needs to be medicated as a condition of release.

    1. One of my go-to Jake Lyons scene is from Chaos Men. Stud Taylor connects with Jake in a bathroom glory hole and then they move to the floor to fuck. The Director’s Cut includes pissing (no thanks) but the originally posted video is incredible.

  2. Cody was ever so popular back in the day, despite not really doing much in his scenes. Then came all the studio drama.

    Devin Draz, wonder what he looks like now.

    1. Yea, I wonder about Devin also. Seems like I remember some bad stuff happened with him and Jay or Doug from ASG

      1. Devin stole from their wallets and was caught on tape doing it. I remember Doug and Jay actually put the video up somewhere for everyone to see for themselves.

  3. I remember David Dakota’s scene from “On The Hunt” with Adam Wirthmore where he had Adam on cloud nine with the pounding he was giving him. Eyes rolling back and everything.

  4. Cody Cummings is a total joke. With the scenes that he was topping and it was a total sham. Not one scene that he filmed was there any penetration. He was faking it the whole time. What a total fraud. He is really pathetic. Good thing he got out of the porn industry.

    1. There was a threesome scene with Cody Cumming, Joe Parker and Ty Roderick, the latter two of my favorites, and I wished like anything that Cody Cummings wasn’t there.

  5. Cody Cummings was an attractive man with a nice body and a big dick. He was also, however, the epitome of a straight man using the gay market to squeeze out as much money as he could, while never actually having gay sex. The most he ever accomplished was receiving oral sex. (He did once take 2 cumloads to the face, albeit while wearing goggles.) The problem was, he committed the ultimate offence, After many months of teasing, he faked a penetration scene, which cost him a lot of fans (including this one). While he may maintain a following specifically interested in straight men, the gay porn industry should be through with him.

  6. Whatever happened to Cameron? He was everywhere for a while, then he kind of disappeared. Is the retired?

    1. Cameron Foster held out as long as he could. He began gaining weight and then his hairline began to betray him. After many later scenes with crazy attempts to hide his quickly receding hairline, he just stopped filming. Its a shame too, he was something special at first, but then again, weren’t we all…..

  7. These dudes are positively drop-dead gorgeous compared to the bottom-feeders we have now. This was in my opinion the best period for the industry: good websites making okay content but good quality photography, lots of solos (which I like), with GORGEOUS guys.

    Yeah, more of the dudes were straight. Well most men in general are straight so we shouldn’t exclude 90%+ of men just to be ideologically ‘pure’. Those straight dudes were SMOKING HOT and we wouldn’t get to see their dicks and asses if we forced them all to have gay sex.

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