Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Paul Canon, Jerry Bogdanovich & Dallas Steele

Dante Colle is the first exclusive model who will film gay (Men), str8 (Brazzers), bi (Why Not Bi) & transsexual (Trans Angels) scenes. This may not be limited to only 4 sites since Mind Geek owns a handful of other sites.

Dante now has 5 scenes released this year by Men. He is not yet listed as an exclusive male talent of Brazzers. His last scene released at Why Not Bi was in 2019. And, he has an upcoming scene at Trans Angels, his 2nd for this month.

Up next at Men is the 2nd pair-up of Pierce Paris & Paul Canon on the site.

The first one was in 2018 with Pierce as the top to Paul.

Pierce was again the top to Paul in their upcoming scene this Friday at Men.

This is now their 3rd time paired in a scene. The two had an oral threesome with JJ Knight at Masqulin in 2020.

Belami Online should make it a habit to include the year their scenes were filmed. In the case of Jerry Bogdanovich, his solo was released this week but filmed in 2016, the same year his scene with Roald Ekberg was released.

Dallas Steele shared his experience with his followers about his penis implant surgery last August 2021 that required him to press a pump beside his balls to get a 2 minute erection. I assume his scene released this week at Fun Size Boys was filmed before the surgery.

19 thoughts on “Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Paul Canon, Jerry Bogdanovich & Dallas Steele

  1. Gay porn is just going down day by day and it’s sad. There’s no more quality. There’s no more hot exclusives. There’s hardly any strictly GAY talent. It’s feels like the world of studio porn for homosexual men is gone. We got mediocre guys doing all genres. One who’s bland and another who can’t get his junk hard so he results into gimmicks and tricks to keep barely relative. It’s just sad.

    Hell nowadays, I get turned on watching restock/organization vids on TikTok before any of this ridiculousness.

    1. Mike Branson, Jack Wrangler, Michael Christopher, George Payne, Jeff Stryker… sure! Gay porn has always had a selection of GAY talent.

    2. Why would you even expect any strictly gay talent? Do you expect these guys to pass up making as much money as possible just to fulfill your personal view of who they should work with? Money makes the world go round and these guys are making as much as possible while they can. Its absurd to think that they should cut their income in half just to satisfy your demand that they only perform in gay videos. Do we need to have a new social category “gay privilege” whereby gay people have the right to demand that these people only appear in strictly gay videos?

      (As a side note, the percentage of people in gay porn has always corresponded to the percentage of the overall population who are genuinely gay. So most people in gay porn are really straight).

      (Another side note: as I occasionally philosophize here given the historical and continuing discrimination against gay people in most of society worldwide, who among genuinely gay people think “let me make my life so much worse by publicly appearing in gay porn”. So is it any wonder that the guys who do appear in gay porn are not the best)?

    3. I don’t miss what was considered the “glory days” of studio porn, which was overpriced and predictable. A friend and I used to split the cost of new Falcon videos, and as soon as you saw the brochure (remember those?), you’d know who was going to top and who was going to bottom. If I never see another scene involving a pizza boy, plumber or prison it’ll be too soon.

      As for today’s studio porn, who cares. Whoever directs and shoots Hot House’s content doesn’t know where a man’s asshole is; you’ll never see one, cannot shoot rimming for anything. Same for Club Inferno Dungeon; for a site dedicated to assplay, you’d never know it because the camera never finds the hole.

      And I don’t get guys signing on to be exclusives; there aren’t any big paydays anymore for being one. Can it really help their ancillary escort or stripping gigs to say they’re a Falcon/Raging Stallion/Hot House exclusive? It was largely marketing BS anyway. Falcon exclusive Matthew Rush and his 9-inch cock! If Matt Rush has nine inches, I have 12 (and I don’t).

      If it’s shot well (and much of it is not), I’d rather watch amateur stuff.

      Kinda related, kinda not, but of the first three performers mentioned above, I was never a Paul Canon fan and Pierce and Dante are played out. But I definitely have some favorites among today’s guys: I’ll watch Ian Holms any time. Lance Charger. Jack Bailey. Jax Thirio. Unless I read it on this site, I don’t follow anyone’s social media, etc, so I don’t know who is G4P, etc, and if they are an enthusiastic performer, I don’t much care how they identify, as much of that is BS too.

      1. LOL — while they’re cliche, I do love me a good pizza boy or plumber scene. I’m onboard, though, that most studios can’t find the asshole or avoid really displaying it. I’d give a “Good Effort” prize to Next Door, Staxus, and Cocky Boys for recent work that seems to move in the right direction. Even BelAmi has made strides to be more asshole-aware.

      2. The “glory days” as you put it was when porn was really starting to be made. They were fantasies of that day. Compared to what, cuming on a salad when your wife/girfriend is in the next room??? Or fucking with a guy while you and the dude are sitting between each other’s girlfriend/wife??? That’s original!!! The movies of yesteryear is when things started and it leads us to today.

        1. I wasn’t clear about what I was considering the “glory days.” Wiki says the Golden Age of Porn was1969–1984, when movies like “Boys in the Sand” (1971) were shown in theaters and reviewed by mainstream outlets like Variety. That’s not what I was talking about.

          Cherrystick mentioned exclusives; I was talking about 20 years down the road from that time, when exclusives started being a thing and there were a lot of studios (All Worlds, Forum, Catalina, MSR, Hot House, Raging Stallion, and Falcon, with its exclusives. What are now, I think, sometimes referred to as legacy studios. Mostly the ’90s, late ’80s…Those weren’t the movies of “yesteryear” when things things started.

          I should have used the word “heyday,” meaning when there was a ton of studio porn being produced, and guys like Max Grand, Parker Williams, Paul Carrigan, Zak Spears, e.g., could stay busy working for a lot of different studios.

        2. The movies of yesteryear, when things started, would have been the ’70s, when movies like Boys in the Sand were shown in regular theaters and reviewed by outlets like Variety.

          I should have written “heyday” instead of “glory days,” meaning 20 years or so down the road from that time, mostly the ’90s, when there were a ton of studios (Catalina, All Worlds, Forum, MSR, Hot House, Raging Stallion, and Falcon, when exclusives became a thing. (Cherrystick mentioning exclusives is what put me in mind of that period.)

          Sorry to be pedantic; it’s who I am.

          (Also sorry if this is a double post; my original disappeared, I think.)

    4. Sorry to break it for you but gay porn is not a gay men’s job, since the start the “gay” porn industry is dominated by everything but gay men and the tendecy is to get even more worse with homophobic ideologies (queer theory) and agendas being pushed/forced.

    5. I’ll be happy when porn goes back to being professional. And not shot with actors holding an iPhone.

  2. Paul KKKanon and Pierce Paris are still in porn? And in the same scene?

    I guess flaccidness and racism never goes out of style in the gay porn industry.

  3. I don’t see why this hype on Dante Colle, he’s not even hot, he looks like a ugly female in testosterone and a bad performer with men but Denz gotta be Denz, right? G4P/Bi/tra**ny chasers supremacy!

    Also shocked that this creepy Dallas Steele still don’t fucked a female (mutilated or not) on screen (smart is the women who doesn’t want nothing with that thing), this fug twink in the scene fucked a mutilated female but Dallas still not… Something is wrong here…

      1. He fucked a less known mutilated female, she even has a fake dick…. just search his @ on twitter search with #ftm and you will see… He don’t promoted the scene but she promoted.

          1. He’s not gay though. He’s a bisexual who likes males and mutilated females.
            I hate when these homophobic fre*ks call themselves “gay”, pretty offensive for actual gay men.

            Also, gay men don’t fetichize pussy.

    1. The hype about Dante Colle is that, since he makes all types of videos with all types of people, he makes more videos than any other performer. Last year he made somewhere around 140 scenes which most likely gave him a 6 figure income. I give credit to a guy who’s ready, willing and able to work as hard as possible and generate as much income as possible. Since most performers have a short shelf live, he’s getting as much as he can while he can.

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