Peters Twins, Rod Daily, Tony Capucci, Hagan, Parker, Teo … (Oct. 2009)

The first scene of Cocky Friends, a collaboration between Belami Online (Todd Rossett, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Kris Evans, Milo Peters, Elijah Peters, Colin Hewitt & Florian Nemec) and Cocky Boys (Jesse Santana, Bobby Clark & Skyler Caine) was released.

Now removed from the archives of Belami Online, one of the Peters twin ate the cum of his twin.

The twins had a Q & A with Johan Paulik.

Q. When did you first feel a sexual interest in each other? When did you act on it? 

We had our first sexual experience at the age of 15. However, we both are bisexual. Only a little later we found out that we are strongly attracted to each other. So we started fooling around with each other. But let me say, the older we get, the less interest in women we have.

Q. To set the record straight, what will you do with each other sexually in private? What are you willing to do together on film, even if Bel Ami will not film it? Are you both sexually versatile? 

We both love sex, that's for sure. We're very spontaneous and don't like to plan ahead. We just do whatever we feel doing and we always enjoy it. Except for really sick things, we don't mind doing anything. And we like the camera to be at it. 

Q. What are some of the reactions you have gotten from others about your sexual behavior with each other? Do people relate to you differently when they discover that the two of you have had sexual experiences together? 

Well, sadly enough, once people find out we like each other and that we have sex together, they always act in a very negative way. They laugh at us and spread the gossip. But we don't care about them, the main thing is we feel comfortable and happy.

Double penetration & a train fuck for Pete, Doug & Jake at Sean Cody.

Rod Daily [movies] was back with more scenes after a short break from filming scenes. He will have his own self titled site in 2010, now merged with Next Door Studios. By 2013, Rod was the 2nd porn star who tested positive for HIV that halted production across the industry.

From Hot House with Rod with Paul Wagner & Tim Kruger, who launched Tim Tales in 2009.

Tony Capucci [movies] was back at Falcon Studios & Filmed Roughin’ It with Trent Davis as his bottom.

From William Higgins to Belami Online for Lucky Taylor [movies]. Both sites have removed content from the past including the scenes of Lucky.

Allen of Corbin Fisher as Baxter James at Straight Eyes for Gay Eyes.

Taj of Frat Men as Hagan of Chaos Men.

Travis of Frat Men as Parker of Chaos Men.

Real life brothers at Chaos Men – Teo and his younger brother Drale.

George Duroy of Belami Online on soft dicks of his guys as the bottom.

… Let start with few questions: Do you sincerely believe that a straight boy can keep his dick rock hard for 2-3 hours of shooting in front of a camera crew because he is SOOO aroused and horny? (I recommend you to check some older porn. You'll see very few hard bottoms. Did you ever asked why?) Did you ever hear the word caverject (or papaverin or triple mix or whatever)? Inject 100ml+ up your dick and I swear you'll be SOOOOOOOOO aroused that you'll be able to perform even in a lesbian nursing home flawlessly. Have you ever seen surgeon trying to put down a 9 hour long erection? (One of the potential and nastier side effects) If yes, you wouldn't get an erection for quite a while. And you would stop lecturing me about what is hot, or accusing me of a soft bottom fetish. Or or or… 

I don't claim that every hard bottom in porn needs such strong chemical stimulation. Some of them are born with the ideal prostate. 

You see some of them on our site with erections while bottoming. But if it is a constant feature of some website, you can bet your ass that this is what's going on. I know the porn business upside down. It's easy to invest $10 in the 'perfect' scene. Certainly way cheaper than my way of shooting. Hopefully there are also some other turn-ons than this one."

7 thoughts on “Peters Twins, Rod Daily, Tony Capucci, Hagan, Parker, Teo … (Oct. 2009)

  1. Ah, Tony…stunning, but turned his back on his gay porn past, in order to have children and play gold.

    I’m hopeful that Rod is controlling his HIV now. The last time I saw him, was on a warning video about the dangers of being infected by infected partners and he looked pretty haggard. That female porn star girlfriend of his who he contracted it from, really did change the course of his life. He was gorgeous and I know Gay4Pay, because he had a child, but I do really hope he’s undetectable, happy and I’d love to see him back.

    Teo was such a fantastic and slutty bottom, I wish he’d never retired.

    1. Rod enjoyed sex with men wayyyy too much to be gay for pay. His scenes with Tyler Torro were very passionate, especially the one when he gives Tyler a check up. They were holding hands and being sensual with each other and you saw the lust Rod had for Tyler in his eyes. You can’t fake stuff like that. He might have preferred women to date, but he definitely liked dick. Rod started to get real careless right before it was revealed that he had the virus. I knew something was up with Rod when he posted a video of himself douching on a boat and fisting himself. I said to myself, “The industry got Rod.” I just hate that he took Next Door Buddies’ whole roster with him. The only guy still working from that era seems like Austin Wilde. Luckily, Tyler Torro (the only one I cared about back then) gave us like 20 videos before Rod brought down the empire. I do wonder if Rod was the only one who contacted the video at Next Door because it seemed odd how all of them vanished and none of them have returned to porn since, except for Austin.

  2. Hagan or Taj was also Dalton for Corbin Fisher but if you blink, you’ll miss him there. Three scenes…the solo, the girl and Travis. Most of his work was with Chaos. He also had a couple scenes with Bang Bros. I don’t expect much love for Hagan as almost everyone complained about how wooden, mechanical and muted his scenes were. All fair criticisms but just look at him. He’s so gorgeous, built and hung.

      1. Well, you might be able to find him googling his porn name and then “real name”. We’re not allowed to give real names here unless it’s one of the few guys who actually use their real names openly, like Blake Mitchell. Corey is Hagan’s, to get you started. :p

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