Kane Fox, John Thomas, Jason Pierce, Judas King, Ryan Jordan, Dolf Dietrich, Pierce Paris, Ty Roderick, Greg McKeon, Brandon Anderson …

A tip to stop seeing the 50+ retweets from your timeline when a porn star you follow decided to cross promote with other fan site performers.

19 thoughts on “Kane Fox, John Thomas, Jason Pierce, Judas King, Ryan Jordan, Dolf Dietrich, Pierce Paris, Ty Roderick, Greg McKeon, Brandon Anderson …

    1. He’s so nasty. It doesn’t even seem like he enjoys any of it. He just does it because he’s an attention-seeking hoe. The worst kind of hoe, if you ask me.

  1. Pierce Paris using the counter to hold up his dick to make it look hard is a pathetic way to show he doesn’t have ED and what’s with the flowers in the ass it isn’t going to make it smell any better. Any guy that does fisting scenes has got to be really loose and hard for any guy to be able to feel the sides when they are in them. This is totally gross. I guess male porn stars that get into fisting can’t think of anything else to do to keep people interested. Now Jack Hunter is doing fisting scenes. This is really pathetic, I guess these guys can see using diapers in their old age bc they are not going to be able to hold it in anymore like they used to when they were young.

    1. I wonder about the psychological effects of being a pornstar. They have sex every day, if not multiple times a week, I am sure that would give anybody ED or a low libido. I couldn’t imagine having to perform daily for β€œwork”. I’d probably be asexual and get more out of eating ice cream than having sex. I also think about how it changes your sexual urges. Fisting IS a taboo sex act. I wonder what else they do behind closed doors. Hmm.

  2. The Todd god looks perfect with the tattoos he now has on his muscular body. Don’t mess with perfection Roman. Don’t add any tats nor substract any.

    1. He has a beautiful physique and I think he just gets better looking all the time. I’d say don’t get any more tattoos, and I suspect he’s not really going to subtract any, but he decides to, I’m all for it.

      Dalton Riley, for example, is another one seems more handsome al the time and he has a great body that’s marred by that enormous tattoo on his chest.

  3. I am sick of Roman Todd. Of all the Randy Blue models that could have stuck around, y’all chose him, seriously? He should find another occupations that his wife and children can be proud of.

    1. There’s not much I hate more than the hypocrisy of a consumer of porn shaming the very stars of porn for having a career nobody should be proud of. Dafuq outta here!

  4. Kane Fox – post what you want, just keep the naked pics coming… so sexy!

    John Thomas – sexy guy, but it is a choice not to film with poz guys & that’s ok. Yes, PrEP and other methods can reduce the risk… but why risk it in the first place? Also, there are plenty of poz guys that will be on video with you.

    Dolf/Jack – just go away!

    Pierce Paris – gross valentine, big pass!

    Dalton Riely – pure perfection as always!

    Greg McKeon – WTF… how is you once cute partner now turning into your twin…stop now, not a good look!

    1. In addition PrEP and the medical tests associated with it are not free so no one should say “Just use PrEP” as if there is no cost.

      1. PrEP actually is free(along with the HIV test needed every 3 months) for a vast majority of the country because of programs through the government, the drug company, hospitals etc. And PrEP is proving to be 100% effective when taken daily as directed with only 6 possible cases of ineffectiveness all these years(and those were suspect cases). Using condoms is actually much less safe. And before you say what inevitably others always do, that there are other STDs to worry about…if worried about other STDs why aren’t they using condoms for oral???

    1. He said no, he’s not. It’s just a normal ring and it’s on the other hand, just flipped in the mirror.

  5. What is Dolph Dietrich doing back together with Jack Mackenroth? Dolph’s forgiven him for beating him up, stealing his shit, and spreading lies on the internet? Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.

  6. Kane Fox is one sick fuck! He retweeted a video of a bunch of dogs biting at a poss on top of a fence and then catching the possum and ripping it apart! Dafuq wrong with this asshole!?

  7. Kane Fox is a disgusting sadist who enjoys watching animals suffer and die. I hate that piece of trash.

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