Mike Buffalari, Leon Foreman, Alejo Ospina & Daniel Montoya

Mike Buffalari with his first fuck scene since introduced in 2010 with Derek Bolt as his bottom at The Guy Site.

It had condom use. The guys kissed, Derek sucked cock and Mike was dry humped.

Leon Foreman with his first scene as the bottom without a woman in sight with Caleb Mills as his top at Gay Hoopla.

The kissing felt forced. And, Caleb didn’t seem to enjoy sucking a cock.

Alejo Ospina & Daniel Montoya with their first non homemade scene at Men.

Two guys who enjoy gay sex.

21 thoughts on “Mike Buffalari, Leon Foreman, Alejo Ospina & Daniel Montoya

  1. The Mike/Derek fuck scene looks incredible. Nothing beats two meaty, masculine men rutting and nutting. I hope Mike Buffalari becomes Mike Buffucalotti.

  2. I’ll never understand TGS switching between condoms and bareback. My guess is it’s either a demand of one or both of the models for whatever person reasons…or it’s there, maybe because one of the guys needs to be wearing it, for something like Syphilis purposes.

  3. And it is a shame to see Alejo and Daniel selling out to MEN. Their OnlyFans and cameo on other guys’ OF’s have been terrific. This is that least sexy I’ve seen them in a video together…it’s just too staged and not nearly exciting enough. They’ve gone from backs of cars and golf carts, to a required MEN/Bromo “funny faces whilst having sex” video.

    They need to go back to freelance porn…aka, actually hot and more natural videos.

    1. They both have also been asking on their Twitter accounts about wanting to shoot porn with women. Remember these two are gay right?!?! So I think the selling out things comes natural to them.

      1. Why does every gay pornstar feel the need to express interest in shooting straight scenes?

        It’s a market thing, or are they really just desperate to please their “qweer” overlords?

        I doubt an average straight porn consumer would really care to see them or any other gay pornstar on a scene, that is, except the gay conversion therapy fetishists.

        1. Ah, the double-standard. The “gay” porn stars go straight, but the straight porn stars never go gay.

          When he first made the switch, I really thought Bo Sinn was a trailblazer and was going changing things up…boy, what a let-down.

          We’re living in a world where uber-bottom actually gay, gay porn stars want to have sex with women…and seemingly not even for the money. Francois Sagat, with women, seriously?

          And am I the only one melancholy for when gay was black and white and there was no curve, no new 21st Century term of pansexual, fluid, “queer”, try-sexual, labelless and when it was okay for a man just to have sex with other men?

          I don’t know if it’s porn studios driving the crossover (one-way crossover), peer pressure or because porn nowadays is filled with the mentally disturbed, but it’s just depressing.

          1. I’m noticing more that a lot of bottoms are topping trans men and not necessarily cis women. Hell, I’m a bottom gold star gay that’s into trans men but not women…IM STILL GAY! I hope you’re not lumping them into the same group with your comment.

            1. Trip Richards. He’s everywhere at the moment and I still remember him when he was just starting on Chaturbate, but he’s performing with all the gay porn stars…and yet, it’s always vaginal sex.

              It’s not my thing by any stretch of the imagination, but I at least wish that if a FTM performer was on a gay website, performing with supposedly gay men, then it would be anal sex.

              Fine, there’s a vagina in the room…but there’s an ass too and the porn is supposed to be aimed at a gay audience.

              1. It’s almost like the entire point of FtM shit is to insert PiV sex into gay porn while having “plausible” deniability.

                The good ol’ gaslighting: “you see, there’s PiV sex going on but it’s with a man, not a women, so you have no reason to be complaining!”

                Also, the main reason studios post these scenes is to virtue signal about transgender issues. That’s it.

                FtM porn is niche, so much so that only a small portion of fetishists are into it, and the studios know this.

                1. I just saw where Michael Boston fucked Noahwaybabes and it was vaginal only. That was a shocker.

                  1. This isn’t a shock for me, as he’s shown interest into shooting FtM content for quite a while.

                    He can whore himself all he wants, but I also have no obligation to support him anymore.

                    Also again: PiV sex is the entire point of FtM porn in the same way the dick is the entire point of MtF porn. The main audience of said content are fetishists, specifically GAMPs, who lose interest as soon as MtFs and FtMs get SRS.

                    1. I thought he was a big ole gay bottom who was dick crazy and would never fathom the idea of a vagina near him but I see I was super wrong. It turned me off as well and I’m no longer a fan. Deleted all of his content out of my library.

              1. In fact you can be homosexual and enjoy watching PiV sex.

                If its a super hot sexy new male talent that isn’t the same old ones that’s been recycling in straight porn…(In fact, alot of these grandpas really should have retired already). The lust and passion in them are different. Almost to the point of raunchy. For example, Jak Palmer, his wife, and Macy Meadows. Despite trying to play it cool while filming with his wife… you can feel his lust and desire for Macy. In his eyes, you can see how much he is enjoying it…almost euphoric.

                Meanwhile, anal in straight porn is such a turn off. Instead of lust and pleasure, it becomes violent and degrading. Maybe some female talents do enjoy what looks like abuse, but most seems to be in pain yet have to smile for the camera and pretend they enjoy it.

                FtM porn I just don’t understand all the sudden obsession over it. It pisses me off actually. No, it’s not that I want to have a v, but its like they have the best of both worlds and get to enjoy pleasure that we can’t (ie multiple orgasms etc). If they choose to, they can even choose to do it with straight guys (use them as toys) while for us gays, when we are turned off it shows lol.

                Porn isn’t what it used to. What used to be a past time entertainment is now depressing. I’m sure some of you can relate. That first guy you lust/desire/in love with is now happily married with kids enjoying a life that you can never have, nor the chance with him…

          2. Even the straight performers who do crossover tend to do so only at the of their life cycle, all to squeeze that last drop of relevancy before reaching their expiration date.

            There’s also the ones who enter the gay porn world only to get out and join some fundie religious grift, bad mouthing not only their ex-audience but also gay men and homosexuality as a whole.

            Let’s not even touch on the subject of self-hating homophobic bisexual men, a phenomenon which is becoming more and more common by the day.

            Things are really not looking good right now…

      2. I think they see a guy like Dante Colle who made somewhere around 140 videos last year doing gay, straight, trans, etc. and figure that there’s real money to be made so why hold back. Since most porn stars have short shelf life they want to make as much cash as they can while they can. While straight porn doesn’t pay as much there’s guys who have been in the business over 20 years which is a longevity that most genuinely gay performers never achieve.

  4. I just don’t get the Mike Buffalari Leon Foreman scene. Really ? Tubby Roided out small dick guys colliding in bed is hot?
    They look like an add for weight watchers, Mr. Before… and Mr. WAY Before.
    I will pass

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