9 thoughts on “Mike Buffalari

  1. What the serious fuck? He was such a gorgeous man. These pictures are all anyone should need to eat healthy and do daily cardio.

  2. If I knew his age, I could say whether or not he looks good for it, but I like variety in porn stars!

    I’m so tired of twinks, or guys with white plastic teeth, fake tan and roids. And don’t get me started on the obsession for bad tattoos. (I know this guy has a sleeve and that that body might not be all natural, but it is still refreshing to have an older porn star, who doesn’t look creepy old…your friend’s hot dad, not the granddad snuck out of a nursing home).

    I only wish he was on a better site than TGS. They only ever work with the bottom of the barrel and spend more time in the showers at the end, after their two sex positions.

    1. They don’t work with the bottom of the barrel they have Jason the cowboy, the naked russians, and many other men that would not be considered the bottom of the barrel. That is so not true.

  3. In my eyes, Mike’s a hot guy any year. But if I had to choose between 2012 Mike, 2021 Mike, and 2022 Mike, 2022 wins hands down. Damn, what a sexy, hairy beast! The photo in which he’s flexing and smiling especially gets me going. His smile just melts me. He seems honest, real, and maybe even attainable.

  4. I hope they can get him to have sex with a guy this time.

    The most he did back then was suck a guy once.

  5. what do people expect? no one stays young and beautiful forever. as i get older so do my taste in men and i think Mike looks fine for his age. gimme more Buffalari!

  6. Wow claws are out on Mike. He’s a hell of lot hotter now than he was. First the shaved shiny look was a bad look for him. Now he looks fantastic, he is a sexy looking man!

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