Cody Smith, Joey Mills, Lance Hart, Bo Sinn, Cliff Jensen, Trent Atkins, Diesel Washington, Collin Simpson, Chris Damned & Andy Taylor


Bo Sinn, who was fired for contract breach, claimed he made Bromo.

Cliff Jensen on testing.

Fan sites not profitable to porn stars?

16 thoughts on “Cody Smith, Joey Mills, Lance Hart, Bo Sinn, Cliff Jensen, Trent Atkins, Diesel Washington, Collin Simpson, Chris Damned & Andy Taylor

  1. Cue the small violin for Bo Sinn. Don’t worry, Bo. The gay porn industry has the integrity of a seedy republican voting against a bill that helps impoverished children so you’ll find your way back in gay porn sooner than later unfortunately.

    Chris Damned is delusional. Not surprising for a guy with a tattoo on his face and thought it was a clever idea to get tally marks tattooed on his chest. That belongs on a sheet a paper, not on your skin beloved.

    It’s a sad, sad world when Diesel Washington makes sense. He was the original c-word long before Jason Vario and Max Connor. At least Max woke up, Jason is still asleep…

    Collin Simpson aka Petunia Pig you are only missed by your LESIONS of fans. They’ve got to be severely damaged and abnormal to still be following and supporting you.

    Congratulations to the first guy for thinking about his life post pornography. Too many of them over the age of 40, I am being lenient btw, who refuse to give it up. I am not saying you can’t be 40+ and a pornstar but these guys have been at it for years. They’re making it a career despite no one wanting to see their asses anymore. I’m talking to you, Cliff Jensen. You need to go back to school, hike across all 50 states or something and take Pierce, Dante Colle, and 85% of MEN with you.

    1. It’s an interesting thought, because you aren’t off the mark about the porn industry and “flip flopping” about individuals who break the (somewhat weird and inconsistent) rules. So, individuals who have sinned to the point of being “cast out” have found their way back, as have individuals with rap sheets as long as the census. I’m not critiquing as much as I am wondering just “how terrible you have to be in order to be super black listed”.

      All that said, the idea that Bo Sinn might find other employment. Huh. Maybe? I think his, ah, “brand” limits him. Like I don’t see Helix or Cocky Boys picking him up. He doesn’t fit the Next Door vibe. I don’t know if Falcon/RS/Hot House would go for him. Naked Sword seems like a stretch. Sean Cody and CF are out for ownership reasons. I can’t see him turning up at Noir Male.

      So it’s…Icon Male (possible I guess), Gayroom (mabye?), Say Uncle (possibly the most likely), or Disruptive (probably his second best shot)

      1. If Bo Sinn got rid of the face tattoos it will help. He is actually a good looking guy. If Bo can remove some tattoos it will help. He has a masculine look to him that helps a lot.

      2. The gay porn industry have very little restrictions if any. You can commit murder, rape, be racist, be a misogynist and still work in porn. The only time you’re called out is if you go viral for your crimes. Bo Sinn will work against.

  2. Oh Bo, of course we know MEN and Bromo are made in Canada…all of the models are French Canadian. They’re almost all recruited from Stockbar, who pimp their strippers out.

    And Collin…you’re not a man and I pity them if you’ve wormed your way into someone’s else family, because you are toxic.

    1. Just because MEN & BROMO are located in Canada doesn’t mean that the strippers from Stockbar are being pimped out, most of the strippers there are not even in porn, except for them going to Men of Montreal or Maskurbate, but anywhere else they are not filming for those companies. So it’s really not fair to include Stockbar strippers that way. The only one that has done anything for a porn studio is Ryan Ellis and he did one scene for MEN AT PLAY and that is all. None of strippers to my knowledge have been involved with MEN or BROMO except for Malik Delgaty. Just saying since I sub to stockbar.

      1. My first hand experience says that most of the strippers are for hire. I have five or six first hand experiences to point to.

  3. I was surprised by Lucy Hart, the same way I was surprised by former Logan Vaughn (Summer Rayne). I thought them to be good looking men. But if this is what will make them happy, more power.

    Dale Savage’s story on that Chris Damned post is the real story there. I mean, wtf?

    1. They’re both more into females(cus women) anyways so that’s they’re problem. Feel sorry for our lesbian sisters that will have to take their and other people like them BS though

  4. I can relate to what the incredibly attractive Diesel Washington is saying, but at the same time, he should be old enough to remember that “Gay” use to be subbed for everything. You weren’t trans, you were “gay”, you weren’t Bi, you were “gay”, you weren’t even a lesbian, you were “gay”. The scope at which “gay” meant that you only like men has been very small.

  5. I believe Bo Sinn definitely got paid more money to bottom Bromo knew this would excite audience. But I don’t believe a porn studio paid him 10k or even 5k to bottom. Studios have budgets and aren’t making as much money as they did in the past. Bo needs to cut the bullshit he takes cock up his ass real easy. Dude clearly been fucked up the ass by other men in Montreal. He is foolish no one. Bo Sinn ass is busted you can tell he’s been fucked by other men tons of times. It is okay to be bisexual Bo we know you love sucking cock too. There is video on Porn Hub.

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