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Collin Simpson, Jeremy Barker & Bo Sinn

Collin Simpson has been in and out of gay porn. It seems he kept his promise this time since his Twitter profile now stated that he was retired, only active on his fan site. But, he is in scene 4 of Sweet Meat, the latest movie from Naked Sword.

Jeremy Barker did tweet from his real account (now gone but not the one created by his studio) last year that he was out of Gay Hoopla. He is back via the sister site of Gay Hoopla at Bi Guys Fuck where he was the bottom to Andy McBride.

Bo Sinn, who tweeted in 2018 that he was not going to fuck up his str8 porn career with stupid gay porn, now has 71 scenes (some were released by Men) listed at Bromo. No more Bo at Bromo since he fucked up his gay porn career with a stupid str8 scene 😁.

13 thoughts on “Collin Simpson, Jeremy Barker & Bo Sinn

  1. I think that’s actually a gay scene, and that would make sense as to why they terminated his contact. My guess is he was able to film straight porn without violating the terms of his Bromo contract, but he filmed gay content elsewhere so they terminated it.

  2. The ‘Sweet Meat’ shit is deranged, hilarious, cringe all at the same time. Marc MacNamara is the worst.

  3. I guess Bo Sinn did a scene with a transwoman and Bromo is like that’s a dude. Kinda of funny. Anyway, Bo Sinn will NOT be missed by me. They said he has 71 gay porn scenes… what was his goal? 100? He left behind more than enough for his 2-3 fans. Bye bye.

    Jeremy Barker didn’t have the same fate as Jayden Storm or whatever his name is who is now at NextDoorBuddies/Male and a few trans sites so I guess he had to crawl back to Gayhoopla and apologize. Jeremy was actually decent when he first appeared on the site. He had this fresh faced, jock, boy next door look to him but after a few scenes he started to give trailer trash vibes. I think it was because he lost weight and he didn’t have a haircut like he did when he first joined the site.

    Colin is another one who can stay away. I’m sure Gayhoopla and its sister sites have enough scenes on him to last another 5-8 years. He’ll probably be damn near 40 and washed up by the time they run out of footage.

  4. I know Bo has his fans but I find him so gross. They may have started to pay attention to all the thumbs down votes for his scenes.

  5. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me 10,647 times I’m a Colin Simpson fan.

  6. Collin Simpson tweeted a few months ago that he broke up with his girlfriend/baby mama and was pondering a return to porn. (No, he did not use the word pondering.) So this is no surprise.

  7. Bo Sinn had his fifteen minutes. Beyond the revolting appearance that a handful of people might find intriguing at first, he’s not right for porn.

  8. Oh well! There’s always straight, bi or Trans porn so I doubt this will be the end of him.

  9. Bo Sinn is a Ledgen!! Not just THE SEX, but his facial expressions, his sense of HUMOR!! SO WHAT, if the guys do gay, straight or bi!! I find it MORE OF A TURN-ON whn they do!! I dnt know wht it is, with u Actual HOMOS, which i am one!! If one does gay, they fuck things up wth u, if they do straight or bi? Why the HELL DOES THT MATTER!! Its just freakin porn, THTS IT!! I DNT EVEN CARE WHT THEIR PREFERENCE IS IN THIER PERSONAL LIFE!! So, to u who gt pissed whn they do other than gay porn, GT A FREAKIN LIFE, WHY THE HELL SHLD IT MATTER!!

    WILL MISS U BO!!! U do WHT U HAVE TO DO FOR U!! Fuck th NO LIFE NAYSAYERS!! They need a SHRINK, to delve into why it EVEN, MATTERS!!

    1. “I’m totally not mad at the internet, no, no, no!”



  10. Bo Sinn is ugly white trash. I’m going to write Bromo to thank them for getting him and his mullet out of gay porn.

    1. For u to go tht far, while u r entitled to ur opinion, ill just say, HES A pornSTAR!! And ur NOT!! He HELPED PUT 2 SITES ON TH MAP, U DID NOT!! And he DID IT, while he was in ur opinion, Ugly-White-Trash!!

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