Jonas Jackson, Chris Blade, Jason Crew, Craig Marks, Bo Sinn, Cliff Jensen, Josh Moore, Daniel Montoya, Ashton Summers & John Thomas

Jonas Jackson in need of financial help. Jonas was the ex lover of Mickey Taylor who accused Jonas of abuse.

If you miss him

Cliff Jensen talked about his time in prison.


Not for the faint of heart.


  1. Princesse

    Honestly that last picture should have a warning.
    How is that sexy? Yuck

    • Magnus

      I used to be so attracted to John Thomas. Not anymore. He’s obviously a total mess. That last pic suggests that he might have some issues.

    • Bsg67

      I’m a nurse with a strong stomach who’s seen some things and I’m gay man but WTF barf

    • Chad H

      Seriously, right? Ewwwwww!!

  2. Denz

    Just an FYI.

    Use the same combination of name & email (fake or not) so that your succeeding comments will be posted immediately (unless tagged as spam) once it’s sent.

    • K

      Ngl its weird that you retweet and dm with altspr1ngbloke when he is a homophobic conversion fetishist and supporter.

  3. Rob78327

    The less said about the last picture the better.
    Nothing to say about Bo Sinn/Damien Soup except history repeating.
    Ashton Summers, let me guess, you approached some straight guy to film « content » and he turned you down. How long before you release your ftm, bisexual and straight scenes. Since when have cared anything about the « community »? Look at who you’re following.

    • K

      I mean ashton summers is bisexual

  4. McM.

    Why are we reading about Bo Sinn’s het problems?

    • K

      the irony of ashton summers posting that as if he isnt of them. we didnt care about the soup guy when he was doing ‘gay porn’ we surely do not care now lol. daniel montoya is bisexual just like his ex they’re just gonna use this to rebrand and do more straight/bi content. Josh moore is hypocritical af cus he posted something very similar to what ashton said a few years ago yet he collabs with fake bi/g4p guys and wants to do f tm just for the sake of doing it, yall bastardizing gay porn and what it means by collabing with str8 men or females or whatever doesnt do shlt for our community at all. Funny how john thomas is also bi like you why overcompensate by doing this. Why is jonas jackson not asking his ginger pansexual brother gabriel cross for money then, since gabriel is loaded.

      • Res1

        What?! Daniel and Alejo are bisexual? Who the hell is gay anymore? LMAO.

        Daniel and Alejo doing porn together as a couple was goals for many but I saw the disaster waiting to happen. When you start inviting people into your bedroom, things are bound to go array.

  5. Max

    Bo Sinn is a strange dude. He made anti gay comments on Twitter saying he won’t do gay porn then he did. He seems to be over compensating. His girlfriend dumped him yet he sucks tranny cock and gets his ass busted wide open. He is a good bottom and sucks cock well. Bo is bisexual.

  6. Danny

    Jonas Jackson – never want to hear someone isn’t well. However, maybe having a FT job with health benefits would help.

    John Thomas – sexy guy… horrible picture, that just isn’t hot!

    Josh Moore – looks so plastic!

    Bo – go away!

    • Phil H

      Jonas Jackson is English and lives in London. Very few jobs offer “health benefits” since the UK is a civilised country where the vast majority of medical treatment is free at the point of delivery. No one needs to enter into massive amounts of debt just to fund their healthcare.
      I assume the bigger issue is that, as he says, his condition has left him unable to work. Living in London is not cheap and that will burn through any savings in a hurry. He also mentions specialist treatment, so its possible he’s using a private health company for some of his treatment and that would have to be self-funded as it would be outside the National Health Service. Again, very few jobs provide access to private healthcare as a benefit because it’s just not necessary for 99.9% of people.

  7. dontsayme

    its porn/fantasy. I DONT want to know about their personal lives and if they are gay or straight.

  8. dpoked

    Thoughts & prayers ©

  9. Reg

    Cliff…would you really have gone to someone’s defence? Are you Tobias Beecher? Ah, Josh…so lucky Ricky Roman for escaping your clutches. And Daniel has split-up with Alejo? I’ll admit, I always had a hard time separating the two, but what happened there? “Bo” or “Damien” or whatever you’re calling yourself…how many girlfriends is this? You’ve retired at least twice that I know of, to spit on gay porn and try to create straight websites with the lady of the moment. Obviously you’re not gay…you’re aggressive and actually offensive about making that clear, but you don’t get to keep sleazing back to gay porn, just because you can’t make it work with a woman. Begging and pleading publicly on social media certainly isn’t going to win someone back. And seeing someone’s inside fall out, prolapse or whatever the fuck that is…you need medical and or mental health intervention.

    • Andy

      Bo or Damien or whatever he calls himself isn’t straight. Never knew a straight man that can suck cock like that. His butt has a huge gape he likes men too. I am sure gay men in Montreal and rest of Quebec seen this guy around town. He sucks cock like a champion and takes cock up his ass real easy.

  10. andrew

    If I was ever in prison I sure would like to have Cliff Jensen for my cell mate. His deep voice, broad shoulders, big cock and top man persona would make doing time hot.

  11. Trevor St Pierre Vanderbilt

    Jonas: It’s unfortunate your situation but I think it’s a bit hypocritical the fact that you live travelling and posting pictures at dinners when you’re in such bad health… how do you pay for all that? where are your porn friends? ask them.

    This guy Cain, therapy baby
    Chris, come sleep with me baby
    Jason Crew… NO! Go back to where you came from, your days are over!
    Craig Marks… wow perfect! A little boring… but perfect!
    Cliff. therapy baby
    Josh Moore… I don’t know where to start with Josh Moore… toxic? plastic? unstable? so many adjectives… the only half good thing was that Thiago is going to get into porn thanks to the crazy plastic… Thanks Joshy baby
    Daniel Montoya, the two of them were about to break up that was obvious since months ago they didn’t post anything together and always with other people.
    Bo.. mental sanatorium
    John… grotesque!

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