Lachlan (SC), Kellan Hartmann & Lan (SC)

Lachlan, who topped Archie, Johnny Donovan, Sean, Vic Ryder, Manny, Lane & Asher, is the next top to bottom at Sean Cody. His scene will be released this coming Friday.

Kellan Hartmann, who left abruptly at Gay Hoopla in 2018 but returned in 2020, is back with a new Twitter account since his old account was sold to one of his followers when he left Gay Hoopla for the 2nd time. [h/t to MoPFan]

Soon to be named Lan (according to his Twitter profile) by Sean Cody.


  1. CV

    NICE….. Can’t wait to see my HOTTIE Lachlan to bottom.

  2. BlueLips

    Lan would be my perfect daddy

  3. Res1

    So Kellan left HotGuysFuck again? He is quite indecisive, he must be a Libra. At this point, he should just give up on being a pornstar and focus on his OF. He has a nice dick but is an average performer at best. I can’t see the straight porn industry hiring him,

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