Ash Riley of Gay Hoopla was Brant of Chaos Men in 2013

Ash Riley is the latest addition at Gay Hoopla.

Gay Hoopla did brag in the past that their models have no porn past.

Recently, it was Caleb Mills. Now, it’s Ash who was Brant in 2013 at Chaos Men.


  1. K

    I definitely am not into that hair he has now. 😕

  2. Pavel Ford

    He looks Very ODD. A bad eye job maybe?
    NO !

  3. andrew

    Ash is smokin hot. I love the shorter hair cut, the muscular abs the fiery pubes and those big guns. He’s a great addition to the GayHoopla bench.

  4. Camille

    Ugly :/ good body though

  5. Jimmyt70 the pubics and love the long cock and hair. can fuck me anytime or cum in my mouth

  6. J

    The ginger hair gene did a number on his eyebrows, that’s the weirdness IMO.
    Great body, big head on that dick…

  7. Noel

    It looks like his hairline is running away from his face

  8. Ted

    I’m Still not into him it seems.

  9. Camille

    He’s ugly. Not really my cup of tea. He has a good body though

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