19 thoughts on “Ellis Smith of English Lads (tip @ Marius)

  1. The only time in his life a GAY man, as he identifies himself to be, should suck on a breast, is when he’s nursing as a baby.

    1. Sucking her tits seems child’s play, compared to how eagerly they put their tongues up her cunt.

  2. Whenever I see these supposedly gay porn models mingle with these female heterosexual porn modes it makes me really wonder. I guess it’s the nature of the industry but I can’t fathom these guys hanging out with these women or even being in their side of the industry without thinking they are either crossing over on camera or mess around off camera. Either way.

    Anyone else would agree right? Especially since these two men are clearly on set of a heterosexual porn production with a female model that seemingly in clothing that would denote she is filming a scene.

    1. Honestly whenever I see it I just think they are pandering to their niche female customer base. Yes most consumers of gay porn are guys, but there are enough girls that are into this kind of porn too.

      It feels like that sitcom that has the one black or asian character in it. it doesn’t mean the show is suddenly trying to be only for blacks or asians, but it definitely feels like they want to pander for that attention.

    2. What a “nice” way to celebrate International Women’s Day…

      Imagine if straight performers pulled this shit on june: “hi folks, we are going to shoot a gay scene to celebrate pride month gg”

      This is so dumb.

  3. He should stick with “Ellis Smith”, Jeze James sounds all funny and edgy for now, but I feel like as soon as I know which way he wants it pronounced* I*ll be bored with it (and I think everyone else will as well)

    *is it Jeze like “G-Z” or like some kind of Jay-Z nickname, is it Jeze like a preppy, stuck up version of “Jesse”, or is it supposed to be like Jizzy, and be a sex pun, maybe multiple meanings? I don”t know, but they are all mildly amusing with the Jesse James reference.

  4. “Gabriel and I decided”. This is what it is like when you are in a toxic relationship with a bisexual guy. You fulfill his fantasies, because you’re afraid that he will leave you. He’s not the first, not the last.

    1. It must be soul-destroying not to be able to fulfil your partner’s sexual needs…or, to degrade yourself, just to keep the sham of a relationship going, because you’re not enough for them. When a gay man feels the need to have sex with a women for the sake of his “relationship”, instead of the bisexual just not sticking with the man…it’s not healthy.

      1. Constant judging people for what they enjoy or what they put out as product isn’t healthy either.

          1. @Reg, 100% agree. I don’t care if they’re bisexual. experimental or whatever else ridiculous new sexual orientation that’s been invented within the last week. Just don’t call yourself gay, if you partake in or enjoy having sex with women. It’s the bogus terminology that drives me up a wall. As an authentic gay man, I don’t want to be associated with the likes of them.

            1. And it’s fair not to be. It’s well out of line to coast or make light of “gay”. No one has a right to use the word, unless they actually are. It’s not a fad, it’s not a mechanism or a means to an end. People LITERALLY died for the right to identify as gay and not just to get scenes in porn, followers on social media, subscribers to OnlyFans or clients as an escort. Call yourself whatever you like, but not gay, if you’re not gay. I’ll call out anyone who identifies that way, but then shits all over it.

        1. i agree…that a total stranger can determine someone else’s gayness is a part of most answers on here

  5. Do I remember correctly that English Lads no longer allows downloads? IIRC, at one time they allowed downloads after you had been a member for a certain length of time.

  6. Never mind that he’s clearly G4P or buy-sexual as some escorts like to say. I’m still having problems with the math where last year they’re saying he’s 19 and now he’s 28? He grew from 6’0″ to 6’3″ and his cock grew a half an inch? Clearly there’s nothing real about this guy other than he’ll be anybody and do anything or anybody for money.

    1. There was a redhead in the early days of CF. He was listed as 18. The video was taken down. About two years later, he appears on another website, also listed (and looking) 18.

  7. Ai yi yi. That Jeze and Gabriel scene is the new face of what gay porn has become. A watered down, diluted mindfuck.I need to get in a new relationship ASAP so I can ditch porn altogether.

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