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Sergeant Miles, Rocky Vallarta, Chris Damned. Jake Hart, Jonas Jackson, Jake Porter, Hayden Brier, Dorian Kross, Martavis Ray, Lukas Grand, Jeffrey Lloyd & Cliff Jensen

Sergeant Miles was arrested for his participation on the siege of the US Capitol.

Case: 1:22-mj-00078-GMH [h/t andioop]

38 thoughts on “Sergeant Miles, Rocky Vallarta, Chris Damned. Jake Hart, Jonas Jackson, Jake Porter, Hayden Brier, Dorian Kross, Martavis Ray, Lukas Grand, Jeffrey Lloyd & Cliff Jensen

  1. Chris Damned: “be mindful”. Proceeds to using words like moron and retards. Isn’t that quintessential social media (pseudo and fake) activism? (BTW he isn’t wrong in what he is saying this time, but man does he have issues with his ego that prevent him from ever sounding reasonable)

  2. @RockyVallarta PREACH.

    I have no doubt some unhinged menist incel f@gs will be in this very comment section to attack you.

    1. You and Rocky enable internalized homophobia, DL culture and bisexuals running wild without accountability. Yes it’s damaging to our community and even if not it bad behavior to allow continue to happen.

      1. Exactly, Pornlover has deep issues with his sexuality and his homophobia is only getting worse. Pornlover, you can always run off to some ‘queer’ commune where you don’t have to put up ‘icky’ f@gs if you want.

        1. I am a gay man myself 🙂

          I have no issues with my sexuality. You weirdos seriously need to get a hobby.

      2. “bisexuals running wild without accountability.”

        What does this even mean? You aren’t the sexuality police lol.

        I am a gay man. There is no homophobia here. I don’t police how others express themselves. But you know who might be inclined to do so? Very insecure people.

        1. You are a homophobe because you defend homophobic ideologies. I don’t need to be ‘re-educated’ into licking and fucking pussy to be a trans ally or endorse it as normal part of gay sex. I also don’t need to endorse changing the meaning of ‘gay’ so that it includes nutting inside women and being bisexual. The fact that you endorse this garbage speaks for itself.

    2. Perhaps you are Rocky? I get it. A lot of you old queens and fem queens have been beat down by society for being old and effeminate so you decide in order to be seen you’re going to stir up some drama by sticking your wee wee in some pee pee cause you want to get back at those f@gs and you want to feel butch. But when it’s all done, did you gain from what you done? Your tweet only got 7 likes so far and no comments until I left one… Clearly, the audience you want to attract still doesn’t care and you’ve alienated the gays. But then again, they probably weren’t checking for you anyway, which is why you went rogue. Poor stink stink.

      1. Wow, that jump to conclusions was so huge I think you may have landed in an Alpha Centauri planetary system.
        Nice fan fiction! Would read again with better formatting and spelling and a coherent message that was based in some reality.

  3. Rocky Vallarta is brain dead if he doesn’t understand why people are pissed. Posing as gay than pulling a ‘surprise I love vagina’ cuz everyone’s sexuality is fluid’ is going to piss gay men off. Only a self-absorbed asshole wouldn’t understand why.

    A lot of these ‘queer activists’ are basically calling being a gay a choice without overtly phrasing it that way and those are fighting words. I don’t care if being “all sexual” is trendy or not. We didn’t fight for our rights as gay men to have a bunch of idiots turn around pull this crap.

    1. It’s funny how bisexual and men who are attracted to ftm try to co-opt gay cisgendered spaces and tell us what the definition of gay is. Hmm, let me take a wild guess as to why. You don’t have a space of your own? So you come into ours cause we are kind (they are cause I am not) and you just take over with new rules. Save your nuances—I like my shit old fashioned. If that makes me bigoted, I’ll pull the pin and throw the grenade. Boom, bitch!

    2. What’s even more hilarious to me are two things.

      The desperate “gays” who want to be seen and attempt to be relevant be entertaining this idea of fluidity. Like the horrific YT vid that Davey Wavey’s dumb ass posted.

      The other thing is how true gays (homosexuals) are labeled misogynistic or phobic because we disdain vaginal sex with females or trans folks. Hmmm didn’t realize that my lack of attraction to vaginas means that I have hatred towards women in whole or that I hate trans individuals. The same thing applies to lesbians who are browbeaten for not wanting dick in their diets.

      To these idiots all I have to say and what I’ve said in a different blog is this…

      I don’t have to entertain the thought or actually FUCK YOU to be your ally. Point blank. I don’t have to stick it in your pussy in order to show that I acknowledge you or respect you.

      1. Exactly. Are straight women misogynistic too because they don’t want vag? Or does this only apply to gay men who don’t want it? You never hear straight women called misogynistic or ‘self-hating women’ for not wanting sex with other women. Funny how that works. It’s almost like homophobia is fueling the demands by ‘queer’ activists for gay men to fuck women and pussy.

    3. You go and fight this fight with the Bi, when it’s losing the trans-rights conversation fight that is fueling the current anti-gay “don’t say” activism in the nation and internet community zeitgeist? SMH

      I understand your point, but if you are looking to fight about taking the G out of LGBTQ, you are just looking to undo all the “fights” you are talking about. We all really need to be figuring out how to work together. If you don’t see that part of the problem of the “choose to be gay” conversation is that who cares in the first place then the homophobes are just going to keep us trapped in that debate forever (with very little movement of progress).

      1. The pan/bi movement is closely allied with the trans movement and have been encouraging a lot of the extremism that’s hurting gays and lesbians politically.

        1. No offense but that is the dumbest comment I’ve ever read. Good luck with that, I’m sure these people don’t just always hated gays and are not just looking for an excuse to hate them outwardly like they have been for generations.

  4. Look, I don’t give a shit if someone is bisexual or not, it’s none of my business.

    You know what I do care about though? Honesty.

    If your bisexual, then don’t go around calling yourself gay, that’s all.

    On another note, the only thing I can say about Mr. Miles is this: lol

    1. ABSOLUTELY! Being gay isn’t open for interpretation and doesn’t give room to manoeuvre. If you want to identify as bisexual, pansexual, queer, anything else, then great…but gay means gay and it’s so damaging to make it acceptable to say that you’re gay, but have a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone other man the same sex.

      It undermines everything that was fought and died for and shows absolutely no respect. Gay is never a label to be taken lightly.

      1. “Mentally ill” is a bit of an overstatement, don’t you think? All the tattoos are just too distracting.

    1. Jake Hart has a bunch of tattoos.
      By your own logic he is ‘mentally ill’.
      And I trust you would know one when you see one given your circumstances…

  5. To people who continue to support Sgt. Miles – have you been paying attention to the rancid anti-gay rhetoric spewing out from the R party lately? I don’t want to hear anything more from him or from you!

  6. Hah! Why am I not surprised that Miles is as nasty a piece of work in the real world as he is on social media?

    And am I the only one who thinks that 15-year olds shouldn’t be on social media? Chris…you’re a gay porn star and that has online ramifications for your family.

  7. Regarding Sgt. Miles, he’s the symptom and manifestation of the issue… he’s not the cause. While, yes he should be punished for being too lazy to think and take responsibility for his actions, the real criminals are Trump and the clowns at Fox News for instigating all this based upon lies – but since they have money their pawns will be sacrificed and take the fall and Fox News, Trump and the rest of the ‘let’s make money on racism, lies and hate” industrial complex will survive to play another day.

    Sad to say, but apparently the vast majority of humans are too stupid to connect the dots and are easily distracted by the next shiny object. Look here at the evil other “fill in the blank”, and be scared of “fill in the blank”.

    I just read an article that actually said that Biden’s problem was he tells the truth too much and doesn’t offer excitement and a sideshow like Trump did. Of course this article was from the mainstream media that longs for the excitement and rage generating page click ad revenue. Actual news often times isn’t exciting, but it’s informative and necessary for a society to function. Junk news is like junk food or candy, it gives you a quick lift, but if you have a steady diet of it, it ruins your health.

    1. Exactly!

      I feel like people expect me to be mad at the rioters, I think some of them are idiots, but I largely just feel sorry for them. They’re just conned people tricked into their problems being sold through scapegoats, and fools. My anger is more directed to the people in office, in congress, and formerly a part of the last administration who participated who are going to get away with this scott-free, to try again next the time with a more solid plan. (Along with extreme disappointment towards the people that claim they can’t do anything but promised to do everything before).

  8. Why am I not surprised Sgt Miles was involved in that riot? I used to be a fan (da** if he didn’t look good taking a cock), but I made the mistake of following him on social media. What a waste!

  9. God who cares what Rocky and Miles think or do,,,Jake and Jeffrey LLoyd are good looking everything else in this entry are clickbait

  10. Cliff Jensen I gotta confess your Throw Back Mug Shot turned me on and got me fantasizing about being your prison bitch.

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