Cliff Jensen, Dylan & Apolo Adri

Cliff Jensen as the top to Kaleb Stryker at Naked Sword and Des Irez at Disruptive Films [gallery].

Once Kaleb Stryker convinces hetero crush Cliff Jensen that they’re all alone at their gym’s pool, the hesitant yet curious straight dude lets Kaleb service his cock with his open mouth and smooth hole.
Tommy Hutchinson (Cliff Jensen) is an Olympic coach and physical therapist who takes his star athlete, Cody Salgado (Des Irez) on a retreat to get him in the right frame of mind for the big games. Tommy uses unorthodox processes to loosen Cody up.

Dylan as the bottom in his gay scene with Dane and bisexual scene with Liam at Corbin Fisher.

Apolo Adri (or Adrii) serviced the feet of his scene partners at Lucas Entertainment and Kristen Bjorn.

6 thoughts on “Cliff Jensen, Dylan & Apolo Adri

  1. I’m not a big fan of lots of tats. facial hair and bald heads, but I’d get face down ass up in a heartbeat to get fucked by tatted, bearded, balding, bad boy, total top guy Cliff Jensen.

  2. Dylan leaking precum while getting fucked by Dane was so hot. And mind you, he was barely touching his dick when it happened. Definitely one of the best guys at CF right now.

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