9 thoughts on “Devin Franco & Felix Fox

  1. I’ve always liked Devin Franco. He always seems to put on good performances and at least he’s actually gay. If I never have to see another uninterested, mediocre G4P-er again, it’ll be too soon. We need more Devins in the industry.

    1. Also agree. There aren’t many of whom you’d have a hard time remembering a lackluster performance. Blake Harper comes to mind as someone who always put in a good performance. Vander. Devin. I’d add Joel Someone because no matter what/who he’s doing, dude is into it.

      Maybe MOP could do a post on the 100% solidly reliable performers over the years. idk, probably a short list.

  2. Devin is wonderful — gorgeous, versatile. He can do elegant and romantic sex or extreme kink (especially on his new site). And he seems to escape the criticism of so many models (including his boyfriend): “we’ve seen enough of this guy.”

    1. Well I mean have you seen how out of it he is in some of his scenes? It’s pretty obvious what he is on

  3. I like that Devin Franco and Felix Fox actually gay. Just wondering if Devin dated Dakota Payne a few years ago? I remember seeing a video they lived together in Los Angeles but Dakota moved out.

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