Vander Pulaski, Kyle Fox & Jaxson Briggs

Vander Pulaski in a flip fuck with Alpha Wolfe at Raging Stallion [gallery] that had Vander swallow the cum of Alpha.

Kyle Fox with the newbie Andre Cruise as his bottom at Kristen Bjorn.

Kristen Bjorn was down a few days ago due to a hack that deleted their files. Good thing there was a back-up.

Jaxson Briggs with his flip fuck scene with Jordan Joseph at Gay Hoopla.

It was mentioned in the interview that “someone was returning and bottoming for the first time”.

6 thoughts on “Vander Pulaski, Kyle Fox & Jaxson Briggs

  1. The GH scene was so sad to watch. Both guys could barely get hard even after being sucked. And the barely hard fucking was kind of pathetic. Pretty much a total waste. Jaxson got off a good cum shot but the way he has to jerk himself so hard to get off makes me wonder if he really enjoys sex. And personally I have to wonder about guys wearing an earing with a religious symbol when most religious people would not approve of what they were doing.

  2. The Vander/Alpha Wolfe scene looks like it has potential. Both guys are smoking hot, good sex and versatile, which I like. I don’t care for the majority of Raging Stallion’s videos, though: For one, the cameramen/directors can’t find a guy’s hole when they’re shooting rimming for shit, and, two, they seem to love shooting forcible sex scenes, where sex is an aggressive act against someone unwilling. I don’t like it.

    *I’m intrigued by, of all things, Alpha Wolfe’s shoe size. I’ve seen his height reported as 6’3″ and RSS says 6’4″, so he’s a big guy. Look at the photos above; his feet are enormous. (That’s not a knock; he’s a handsome, hot man and I’m typically not looking at his feet, although I do like a guy’s feet.)

  3. Kyle Fox is a brilliant addition to gay porn, versatile, cum eater, always gives his best. Vander has proven himself to be a super star.

  4. Btw, is Cutler’s Den also down? It’s been a while since the website is not opening here…

  5. Vander is one of those guys who never loses his appeal. He was a hot young college jock when he did his solo (as “Marc”) for CF. Then he started his Chaosmen career. The chest hair, the natural muscles, the huge cock, the sheer enthusiasm for both topping and bottoming… what a stud. Now he’s in his mid 30s and still going strong. He’s not arrogant. He’s humble and somehow shy. He’s a dream cum true.

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