Felix Dowoni & Tony Zuko of Fresh Men

One of the updates this week at Fresh Men is the scene of Felix Dowoni as the bottom to Tony Zuko.

Felix Dowoni had a scene at Spritzz with the same last name but his first name was Fox.

Felix aka Fox was first known as Igor Tarda (2020) at William Higgins. He was also given the names Harry Davis (Southern Strokes, Boy Fun & Jawked), Jerzy Fox (East Boys) and Danny Royt (Staxus).

And, he was Ron Johnny Fox at Fake Hub.

While, Tony Zuko, who was introduced over a year ago, started in 2014 as Jaro Stone at Staxus.


  1. bo

    Igor identified as hetero in their Higgins solo but given how many aka’s he has had and bottoming he has done that seems to have been a mighty slip of the tongue, which he uses very well in his scenes. Jaro has always been outstanding and versatile. Two super boys but in the end a disappointing scene because neither ate cum.

  2. Chads

    That new guy @ freshmen Lorenzo Ricci was also in staxus as Rami Ferris

    • Denz

      Thank you!


  3. ncbored

    Igor Tarda was also Fox Dowoni at Spritzz.

    • Denz

      Added it to the post – thank you!

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