Peter Grom only did a solo for Gay Hoopla and 3 str8 scenes at Hot Guys Fuck.

He joined Twitter this week.

And, he sent a message to his fans at (page 6).
That is right, I am back. The rumors of someone outing me to my family and work is true, it ruined me. But lets not be mistaken; it wasn't doing porn that destroyed me, it was a very angry and upset person who wasn't happy with themselves… I still don't know who they are, but in hopes to move beyond this and grow I had to forgive them. 

A few relationships have come and go since my debut as a professional pornstar, and I've been transparent as I'd expect my girlfriend to be with me; especially about my history as a sex worker. I'm sad to say that I am [again] recently single, and in that relationship we discussed doing OnlyFans and making new porn content to post. To be honest, I didn't know I was as popular as I suppose I was? Am? I'm not sure anymore… all I know, is I'm very grateful for everyone and their kind words. Do better, and don't curse the person who hurt me, it won't get anywhere and it'll only cloud your conscious. I'm okay now :) To everyone who has defended me, thank you… I wished I knew most of you irl, I could use real friends. they're so rare nowadays. 

To everyone who doubted me, thank you… I'm doing better now and I hope you're doing well.

I've launched an OnlyFans, I don't know if it'll be a hit, but if it gets enough attention I'd love to update it regularly and do customs or w/e. I'm super new to the scene of OF, but I think I can manage.

11 thoughts on “Peter Grom

  1. Don’t wait till you pass your prime to start an onlyfans lesson #1. He would’ve gotten so many subs at his peak but he was too dumb to realize most people are like that lol. Now he’s ugly. Bye

    1. Yep gotta strike while the iron is hot. That’s why so many of the newbies at LaEl sites plug their stuff in when their debuts are posted. I wouldn’t expect anything other than str8 sex from him. If you enjoy that then subscribe away, but gay men there are tons of other “content creators” that have a much greater chance of being into you. Onlyfans is so saturated now.

  2. Oh, and he has quite the ego. He has only been in porn for 3 days and already thinks he’s a hot commodity. This one has the potential to be a problem like most of them are.

  3. He seems straight for real… that’s a bit of a turn off (really wish he was more bi curious)… but I still feel like simping. Glad to see him back, but I wish he could come back to porn.

    I”m glad things came to be better eventually, but I kind of still hate he got outted like this. It really is sad that every community seems to have these bad behaving individuals.

    1. I took a look at that thread he’s posting on and he’s such a hypocrite! One minute he posts saying that he’s open to performing with men on his OF and the next that it makes him uncomfortable to even think about being with a man :-/

  4. I’m not sure where to start, but okay.

    A “professional pornstar”. A solo and three straight scenes on one of the worst websites in existence makes you a professional?

    “I didn’t know I was as popular as I suppose I was”. Who is he again? Seriously, I’ve never heard of this guy.

    And I’m sure “I wished I knew most of you irl” is true.

    He’s obviously Gay4Pay, the most you’re going to see from his is solos or when the next girlfriend comes along, who will probably make him quit OF and he’ll only return to make more content when they break up.

    It’s going to be porn, if you can even call it that, because come on, it’s only really going to be solos, just when he’s between girlfriends.

    You’ll get small windows of opportunity, the most will be straight and unimpressive as on that site and is NOT going to be worth a subscription.

  5. I remember this guy – cute in his solo. I’ll be interested to see if he really does do any interesting scenes.

  6. There’s the ones here who admit they don’t know who he is and the ones that obviously don’t know him and both groups probably, simply aren’t interested in either solo only guys or guys who only make straight porn.

    There’s no accounting for taste but Peter Grom is definitely one of my favorites of all the Gayhoopla/HotGuysFuck guys who NEVER did any gay/bi scenes. It’s his appearance and performance and personality.

    My advice to him would be to return to HGF and make a scene or three and then focus on Onlyfans. It’s like getting paid to advertise!

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