Ryan Jordan is officially 100% “retired”

Ryan Jordan [gallery] was introduced in 2016 by Active Duty.

Ryan only filmed for Active Duty, Next Door Studios and their sister sites.

At Disruptive Films, his last scene [gallery] was Playdate: The Good Boy with Ryan as the bottom to Chris Damned.

At Next Door Studios, his last scene [gallery] was 12 Feet Away in a flip fuck with Jayden Marcos.

He is the latest update at Active Duty in a flip fuck with Chris White.

And, he has no upcoming scenes listed on all sites.

Time to say goodbye to Ryan.

16 thoughts on “Ryan Jordan is officially 100% “retired”

    1. And another super gay man pulls up his stakes. Too bad, best wishes and good luck.

      1. Better to leave rather than get wrapped up into the ever encompassing madness that currently going on in the industry.

      2. Yeah he’s not gay. In fact he started posting about going on a date with a woman not that long ago which got him some flack.

  1. I remember when Jeremy Bilding “retired”. He then went on to become straight mega porn star Ryan Driller. I wonder if this’ll be the same case for him? Who knows. If so, best of luck.

    1. Well to be fair even tho i detest driller he inly said he was ewtiring “Jeremy Bilding”, putting Jeremy behind him. He didnt mention total retirement BUT Lucas Knigh , now straight porn star Kyle Mason, DID mention retirement and going into to dance but he instead went into straight porn which I thought was total chickenshit but whatever.

      1. i don’t know why the hate for G4P or xcross over models…even the gay guys do it for pay, so….

        1. I dont hate G4P, i detest driller for being a flaming idiot leftists kook tho his work was very hot. I dont hate Kyle Mason/lucas Knight, i just thought his excuse to his gay following that he going into dance was BS, he shoulda just said he is no longer doing gay scenes and crossing over. My fave PS’s have been crossovers like Peter Krisztia/Kevin King, Ken Ryker, Dante Colle. Etc.

  2. Always liked Ryan. Most of his scenes were really good. Good bye and Best of Luck.

    1. Always liked watching him. He had a shy, vulnerable quality I found appealing. (Well, some other qualities too.)

  3. He came in with integrity and he leaves with that same integrity. No drama, just a matured spirit.

  4. I’ll miss him, hopefully whoever he’s retiring for treats him right because he’s definitely worth it.

  5. They always say that when the money dries up or he needs fast cash Ryan will be back.

  6. I’m guessing we will see him back when he needs $. Good luck, hope you are happy with your next adventure.

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