Diesel Washington, Rocky Vallarta, Drew Valentino, Sharok, Bruce Beckham, Dan Evans, Vin Roxx, Theo Brady, John Bronco, Justin Case & Tom Faulk

$12,000 to bottom for the first time.

Another comeback?

Dan Evans outed to his mother and his struggle with depression.

Another tattoo!

Soon to be released?

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  1. Does Dylan or Holden of Corbin Fisher have Twitter accounts? Anyone know?

  2. If Rocky could stop being an asshat it would make it much easier to masturbate to his scenes.

    1. But Rocky is correct. With the way g4p and ftm fucking as proliferated the community, you mine as well make them apart of the community. Don’t like it? Then stop defending them and their actions. Call them out on their bullshit. And draw the red line.

      1. He’s generalizing though, which is just as bad. People gotta remember that the vocal ones are probably a tiny percentage of any group as a whole. There wouldn’t be this type of porn if there wasn’t a market for it. Rocky is making such a general statement against the entire LGBT+ community just based on a few people’s dislike or disinterest in G4P or trans porn and it’s asinine.

        While I am personally not interested in G4P or trans porn to get off, whatever, it’s them just making money–I simply won’t watch.

        The only time I would rand against a G4Per is someone like Kyle Connors who recently apparently is now disowning his gay porn history and claiming moral superiority with his religion. So basically he begrudgingly did pron work to pay child support and now that the mother has moved on, his “real” feelings of gay people came out, and he’ll probably never see the hypocrisy. Sad, really.

    2. He missed the point there: the ones who don’t like g4p/s4p and the queer identitarians who came up with this overabundance of flags and identities are mostly different demographics.

      He’ll, some of the “queers” even incentivize (and at worst pressure) gay men to have sex with women, as they see homosexuality as “limiting” in the same way they consider heterosexuality to be.

      1. They may be different demographics, but they all enable each other in their bullshit

        1. I still do this day don’t know what was wrong with the original four.

          Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual…and I know people considered “Transsexual” an offensive term, but that’s what it always was! It was never Trans and in my opinion, those four still cover everyone. I just don’t understand why more and more letters and more and more terms, definitions and labels keep getting added to such a simple and inclusive premise.

          There’s no room for Gay4Pay or straight people. This was the one and ONLY thing gay people ever had, but now we’re expected to share and also, to share our beds with sexes other than the ones we want, for fear of being branded phobic :-/

          1. Transsexual isn’t real though that is someone who is suffering from gender dysphoria. A man cannot become a woman nor can a woman become a man. JK Rowling & Germaine Greer are clear about this.

  3. Gay men sleep with men and straight men sleep with women. Bi men sleep with both. Stop trying to come up with new sexual orientations to feed your insatiable need for sex. Deal with your sex addiction. What do you like at your core? Okay, that’s your natural sexual orientation. See, it wasn’t that hard? Gay men ALWAYS have to accommodate. I’m sick of it. Crap like this is why no fap and no nut November are a thing.

    I know being gay is no longer cool since Tik tok came along with the surge of trans, non-binary, sexually fluid, gender fluid, cupcake sex, bedpost sexual, crockpot sexual, etc, but you either want some dick or vagina or both.

    1. And how the hell is gay for pay gonna be classified as a sexual orientation when they’re trying to run away from the LGBTQIA+ community altogether? Did they get the memo?

    2. Oh, there’s more stigma in being gay than ever before. If you identify as gay, you’re automatically classed as biphobic and transphobic. And now there’s also “heterophobic”, because straight people are considered a minority.

      I really don’t think gay people realize they’re being as badly discriminated against as they are, because all the letters that keep getting added to LGBT are actually mitigating the G.

      Gay…it’s becoming a dirty word, or having being use it and then defending having relationships or sex with women and trans people and if anyone who’s really gay speaks out, they’re branded a bigot.

      1. The expansion of the rainbow was for political and economic reasons. It was never organic in any way, shape or form.

        How do you keep selling shit to such a small portion of the population?

        Is it not better to expand this demographic in order for it to include potentially everyone, all without any compromise?

        “Everyone” wins with this: corporations, NGOs, the politicians…

        The only people who lose are the historically privileged, privileged gays, who’ll have to share their spaces with the oppressed “minorities” (read queer identified straight people, who already got 99% of the world reserved to them) of the world.

      2. Absolutely. Now gay seems so yesterday and we did it to ourselves always being the scapegoat and letting people in without asking questions first. So here we are.

  4. Rocky thinks gay men came up with all that shit. What a dunce. This why so many gay men feel the need to support all this ‘queer’ crap. They think gay people came up with it and it’s what ‘good gays’ should do. Half the time its wacko emotionally disturbed teen “bi girls” and trans people that come up with this shit.

  5. Gayhoopla’s owner should be out scouting new talent because all of his sites have been boring since Covid. The new class pales in comparison to the old one and he does not have any “Superstars”. I can’t tell you the last time I was excited about a new find on HGF, GH and BGF. The last time was probably January 2021 before all the guys left or got other “jobs” to avoid filming. Dustin, Channing, Kellan, Chase, Jeremy, Canelo, Russell, Jayden are all gone. It has been a drought over there for a long time. Their pride and joy HGF with the most new hires has now been abandoned and they treat GH like the sibling that gets the hand-me-downs and BGF like a foster child they use for extra income. Work on your site before you try to drag the ”haters” for telling the truth.

    If Gayhoopla places top 10 on any of the year-end charts, I know it is BS. They hit a wall and you all know it.

    1. True. GH used to have the best looking guys, better than any competitor, though the inability to use a camera. I even loved the solo guys who chose not to come back. Now they have unattractive guys, and still can’t film a scene, oh, and they’ve added obnoxious commentary from the cameraman. Any possibly decent scene is now ruined by those comments. But if you love seeing scam ads before the scene, unattractive guys, awful camera work and annoying commentary, GH is the site for you!

      1. Yep. The whole Fratmen style of shooting should have been left on Fratmen, a dead web site. They need to stop hiring the talent as camera operates. They suck.

  6. If I were a friend of Dan Evans, I would advise him to stay out of the biz and focus on getting better and becoming a stronger person. The last thing he needs is to get well enough to have empty intimate sex with someone who doesn’t like > love him like that.

    It’s sad and I hope he gets help.

  7. No Justin and I wish you’d spend your money on getting the tattoos you already had removed.

    What is Tom in prison for?

    And I have no idea who he is, but is LaHODLer praising people who justly despise GH, or is he defending GH against the people who justly despise it?

    I can’t quite understand why Diesel still keeps his hand in. He hasn’t filmed a scene in years, but talks as if he’s still relevant to porn :-/

    And is Rocky saying that he’s Gay4Pay? I always thought he was gay, which was his only redeeming characteristic, because he’s an aggressive douchebag anti-vaxxer. So, he’s straight or is he “gay”, but has sex with women? What’s worse?

    1. “…aggressive douchebag anti-vaxxer”

      This ^

      Let’s see: He’s been pissed on by Bo Sinn; he has sucked William Seed’s colon practically inside out and…he’s G4P?

      1. He bottoms bareback, gets creampied and has had sex with more men than most out and proud gay men I know…but that apparently doesn’t mean anything.

        The gay position has become weakened and Gay4Pay has gained strength and support.

        At least back in the day, gay people were attacked openly. Now, it’s an insidious attack.

        1. I left off my last thought. If you’re not sexually attracted to the same sex and only doing it for $, but you let guys piss on you, you stick your tongue as far as you can up their assholes, and you let them dump loads in you, gay porn must pay a LOT more than I’ve been led to the believe the past several years.

          1. It’s not 20 years ago when there were only a handful of independents; Randy Blue, Jake Cruise, etc and the studios. There was more money per scene, because there were less of them. Now…gay porn doesn’t earn you more than straight and ACTUALLY, I think it earns you less. So, you either do gay porn because you want to, or because straight porn doesn’t want you.

            1. They always did it because they love it and used the whole I need money as an excuse. Beastiality pays but that’s doesn’t mean someone will do it. Not comparing the two but the logic is the same. They already thought that they could do it before they did it. Think about that.

              I said it so many times. These guys used to lie and say porn was filmed for so many hours and edited but now that excuse has been exposed with OF. You can tell that they enjoy having sex with men. OF also exposed the fact that you don’t have to have sex to make good money yet they still are having sex.

      2. Rocky is gay from Montreal he is a gay man who is really turned on by white men who don’t identify as gay. He really likes getting off with Bo Sinn, Malik Delgaty, William Seed ect. He seems to get off on having sex with dudes who aren’t part of the gay community. The ironic thing is we can label ourselves whatever we want. But your actions show who you really are. William Seed just bottomed for Cade Maddox on only fans. A straight man isn’t going to let another man fuck him but a bisexual man would.

        1. It’s weird how you don’t use the same logic for ‘gay man’ who fuck women in porn, Andy. Instead you egg them on and insist they’re still gay.

          1. Any “gay” man who has sex with women is bisexual. He might identify as gay when it comes to dating but he is bisexual otherwise. Same goes for “straight men”. Just cause you won’t date a man IRL doesn’t mean you’re not gay on some level. The definition of gay includes gay sex.

  8. Didn’t Vin already win his week? I don’t remember but I think he did. Nice to know the extra details about his porn path though. Who knew Gayhoopla was trying to be the new Sean Cody, and look for models that are absolutely only exclusive?

  9. DAN EVANS – I wish you well. Get your mind and body rested and focus on that. This porn world will wait.
    Theo – I love your body. It is perfect. Don’t listen to the haters. I just saw your scene with Vincent OReilly and it left me speechless. You are a good bottom, fun to watch. But, You really pounded Vincent Hard. The sounds of your body clapping against his as you pumped his ass were amazing.
    Justin Case – No, you have more than enough. You crossed over into that “Too much ink, crazy zone” awhile ago..

    1. I wish Dan all the best it takes courage to admit to mental health challenges publicly.Theo has always been hot to me…sharok is right to talk about the availability of the monkeypox vaccine

  10. Pierce – the caption should read… desperate for attention!
    Diesel, Vin & Bruce – stay out porn… we don’t need to see either of you again!
    Dan – I don’t like to see anyone struggle, but may professional help v. social media might be a positive step.
    Rocky – simply… no need for G4P, we have enough hot gay guys!

    1. I can’t fathom Rocky. In his latest Instagram stories, he’s doing his usual lashing out at people, being cruel and also saying that he would NEVER date or fuck someone who’s trans, because he’s gay. So, he’s unwaveringly gay today?

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