Julian Brady, Claude Sorel & Chris Damned

Julian Brady at Active Duty in 2017 and 2022.

Claude Sorel at Belami Online in 2013 and the latest photo he shared on Twitter.

Chris Damned in his latest scene at Say Uncle and one of the latest photos shared by Chris on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Julian Brady, Claude Sorel & Chris Damned

  1. Damn Chris Damned looks terrible. Never understood why so many find him appealing because I’ve never seen it and I really don’t get it now.

    1. Chris damned was a fashion model about ten years ago, and he looked clean and chic back then. Now his look became trashy

  2. Julian Brady is a muscular hottie. I especially like watching him bottoming at AD.

  3. I love Claude Sorel! He looked sooo clean and nice in his early BA work! Nice to see him again!

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