Sean Cody, Raging Stallion & Lucas Entertainment

Sean Cody with Lan, Josh, Devy, Kyle, JC and Liam.

  • Everyone sucked cock.
  • Kyle, JC, Liam & Devy got fucked.
  • Liam was supposedly creampied by the 5 guys. It looked like it was just Liam and Kyle who actually shot their load.

Raging Stallion with JJ Knight, Cole Connor, Roman Todd, Drew Valentino, Devin Franco, Luca del Rey, Tristan Hunter & Tarzan Top [gallery].

  • Only Devin Franco did not suck a cock.
  • Devin Franco, Roman Todd, Luca del Rey and Tristan Hunter did bottom. All four were creampied and showed their hole dripping with cum.
    • Luca sucked the remaining cum out of JJ’s cock while Drew licked his own cum dripping from the hole of Roman.

Lucas Entertainment with Adam Franco, Allen King, Bruno Galvez, Harold Lopez, Kosta Viking, Manuel Skye, Oliver Hunt, Paco Rabo, Ridick, Rudy Gram & Sean Weiss.

  • This is part 1, just 11 guys.
  • It had a train fuck with a double penetration – Allen King fucked Riddick while Riddick fucked Paco Rabo then Manuel Skye joined to double penetrate Paco.
  • No cum shot. At the end of the scene, 5 guys joined in for part 2 – Jeffrey Lloyd, Sir Peter, Andrey Vic, Leo Bacchus & Brian Bonds.


  1. Muggy

    I despise half of the performers in these scenes.

    • Phil H

      Only half? You must be mellowing.
      Don’t worry though. None of them despise you. They don’t even know you exist while you fester in an apparent hyperemotional state over them.

      • Muggy

        I’m gonna need a restraining order against you and Andrew, aren’t I? Stay bothered.

        • andrew

          No need for a restraining order. No one is threatening you. Just commenting on your narrow minded nasty comments and bigotry.

        • Phil H

          Suck it up buttercup. When you post your stupidity in a public forum you’ve got to expect people to mock you for it.

          Healthy people don’t react to porn performers they way you do. I’d suggest you switch off the laptop and get a real boyfriend, but I imagine with your anger issues its probably safer for everyone that you don’t.

          • Muggy

            Phil, the angriest one here is your deranged ass. Shit talking public people you don’t like is done all the time online. Stop trying suck the dick of people who don’t give a fuck about you, idiot.

  2. Reg

    The problem is with orgies that there’s just too much going on! You lose track of who’s who, close-ups become meaningless and it’s not worth paying some of the models going at it in the background, where you can’t see it. Three is my personal limit to see a scene together, but I’d much rather it just be two guys and to enjoy the moment.

    And with SC…where exactly is the fun if the two best looking guys, who are also the best bottoms in the bunch, only top?

    Whoever comes up with these scenes really needs to get some market feedback before they shoot them, because they’re wasting money.

    • Rockhard288

      It’s even worse with the homemade/OF orgies. I wish they stop doing them, but it’s the easiest way to crossover and do collabs or whatever that means

      • Reg

        I was going to say the only exception, but gangbangs are different to orgies. The best “group” sex scene I’ve seen, is the last good (in my opinion) Corbin Fisher video…Dawson’s 9 Man Gangbang. It’s because the focus was just on the one guy, so the others banging him would come in, do their stuff, step away, the next would step forward, etc and you got to see what was going on. The other guys didn’t interact with each other and were just there, in front of the camera, banging Dawson.

        Orgies are just too schizophrenic to be enjoyable. You need one-on-one, or one at a time.

        • Fathom

          I’m not a fan of those kind of gangbang scenes; to me it’s deathly boring to see one guy getting plowed while everyone else just stands around waiting. If the ones on the periphery are messing around with each other, that’s more interesting to me, but then that’s not the focus.

          One like that I can think of is…I think it’s That Slut London’s Gangbang (blerg) where the extraordinarily unattractive “London” was otherworldly annoying, screaming his stupid head off through the entire thing. But in the background Aaron Trainer was getting sucking and getting fucked by Vic Rocco and some others and a hot daddy type named Benjamin Grey was also getting fucked, and that was hot for me.

    • Fathom

      Agree. I remember a frat house orgy scene from some time ago, Fraternity Gang Bang 2, with Jason Crew, Sebastian Young, Jesse Santana, et al. directed by Andrew Addams, who I don’t think directed a whole lot (not sure), but I thought he got it right, like he managed to keep everyone in the frame mostly yet it wasn’t overly busy.

      The Lucas ones are just a writhing mess and your eye (nor the cameraman’s, apparently) doesn’t know where to go. But when they’re paired off, that doesn’t work either, maybe because if you have a favorite, you want to see what’s they’re doing (FOMO?). Chi Chi LaRue is a hack anyway and can’t shoot orgies.* There was an L.A. cops bar orgy last year and I really like pretty much every guy in it, but when I saw it, I thought, well, CCL sure managed to fuck that up. *I will say that the one Link movie with the Blake Harper, Marcus Iron orgy at the end was pretty good.

      John Rutherford was terrible at group scenes. On and on. I don’t know from anything about shooting video, but it seems like once you get past maybe four models, especially if it’s a big group like the Lucas ones, it’s best to have at least two, if not three or more cameramen capturing all the action, then a talented editor who can put it all together. I imagine nowadays that is prohibitively expensive.

  3. andrew

    Those group scenes must be expensive to produce. 6 – 8 – 11 models to pay. That Lucas scene should have had an even dozen and included the Awesome Ruslan Angelo.

  4. James

    Very interesting the producers of Scrum excluded the black models from the orgy scene. All white orchestra are boring especially when they involve JJ Knight. Yawn.

    • Rich

      You are right. In fact, the whole Scrum series had just two colour guys: Max Konnor (first movie) and DeAngelo Jackson (second movie). And about the orgy, I’m really sad they are following LE and filling the bottoms holes with fake cum…

      • Reg

        Oh, methyl cellulose is a staple of ML and it’s spreading to all the sites. Either the guys can’t come, they have not-camera-worthy loads, or for some reason, these sites think that seeing something that looks like shampoo running out of someone is sexy :-/

        • Muggy

          Erectile dysfunction is very common in the industry. A lot of these guys are sexually fucked because of what they do and the lifestyles they lead.

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