Clark Reid won as your favorite model for May 2022

For the first time this year, the monthly winner is not from Gay Hoopla but from Sean Cody. Clark Reid won over a Belami Online model and two models from Gay Hoopla as your favorite model for the month of May.

Clark had a scene as the top to John Bronco last month.

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Christian Lloyd, Thomas Danielli, Brent Savage, Marcelo or Clark Reid? (Model Of The Month - May 2022)
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Ends on 06/30/2022


  1. Brusier

    I get a Colin Simpson vibe from him. Let’s hope it’s only physical.

    • Cherrystick

      Same here. Let’s all pray that you’re absolutely right.

    • Reg

      Christ, let’s hope not. The one we’ve already got is one too many.

      • Dom50

        Awww then who would you have to talk/complain about. Cause we can’t just enjoy porn with all the different types of guys out there getting naked for our entertainment.

        • IDK

          Sorry, but most of us can still identify the existence of a human being on our fap material, so sorry if this offends you.

          But then again, if his wasn’t the case, then we wouldn’t have you here to white knight for them.

          • Magnus

            The risk that porn “stars” take when they overshare online, people might not like who they actually are. If you are a performer, you have to think about your persona, just like mainstream actors.

        • andrew

          Well said Dom50!!!

        • Reg

          The thing is though…can you honestly watch a Sebastian Young scene and get off on it? He raped his infant daughter, repeatedly. It’s the same with Sergeant Miles, Michael Del Rey, Dante Colle, Rocky Vallarta, COLLIN SIMPSONS…the grossness of their lives, which they scream and shout about freely publicly and on Twitter, is the most massive turn-off. If their privates lives were truly private, then fine, but there are a particular demographic of gay porn stars who air their dirty laundry…and it’s so dirty, that it doesn’t matter how good they look naked or how far they go in porn. Paedophiles and the mentally disturbed don’t do it for me personally. Each to their own though.

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