From Ricky Larkin “Show that love you say you have for me. Every little bit counts πŸ’ͺ🏽 clink link below and make donation ❀️”

Show me the money!


Accused by a neighbor as a pedophile.

Rich guys from Dubai.

The hole.

Thank you and OUCH on the train wreck!

Tall people problem in gay porn.

Might get a new tattoo for Cliff Jensen.

All natural for Henrik Sommer.

Celibate for months.

Hi Gary! 😁

A bald Malakai White & a bearded Mason Lear.

Lets end the tweets this week with β™₯.


  1. Little Miss Kiss

    Who the fuck is giving money to that racist, hateful Ricky Larkin? Talk about having no self-respect.

  2. Res1

    Ricky Larkin blocked me on Twitter when he was posted in the last twitter roundup 2-3 weeks ago for telling him he looked like a pug after his nasty comments about a fan.

    I’m not surprised gays are giving him money. Typical.

  3. Pavel Ford

    WOW… Ricky Larkin – aka – social media pan handler – wants his fans to send him $$ and keep their mouth shut and not talk to him or use his name. Huummm, sounds like another sociopath who use to sit in the white house. Assholes both !
    I see what you are doing Vin Roxx, NO NO NO you don’t.. Kissing the websites ASS will not help you. You are a shitty performer and con man.
    Armond Rizzo and Cliff just don’t seem to know its over and has been a long time ago. Fellas, go get a real job and move on. We don’t care….

    • Reg

      Can you imagine if Denz created a “Give your opinion of Vix Roxx” post? Wow, but that would be fun.

  4. Reg

    I thought Cliff only got his tattoos in prison? Oh well, I’m sure it’ll look like it was done in prison like all his others.

    What’s Vin fishing for?

    And does Lucas have breast implants?

  5. EdWoody

    I do agree about the real name issue. Porn stars use fake names for a reason – it’s a safety issue, and it is inappropriate and potentially dangerous for “fans” to go looking for their real names and info. Lives have been ruined that way.

    • Reg

      It’s 2022…if you do porn, it’s not a risk to be found out, it’s a guarantee. A “friend”, family member, school chum or spurned ex will out you. The studios will out you if you misbehave, or someone will see you working a day job and turn. If you do porn in the 21st century, you have to go into it with the knowledge that you’ll have to have the conversation with the people around you.

      “I’m doing gay porn. I’m straight, but I’m doing very gay porn mom, so you’re going to get some funny messages on Facebook.”

      In the 90’s and even 2000’s, there was some degree of anonymity. Unless they have a criminal record, there’s no trace of porn stars from that time, but now…

      I just don’t believe anyone who does porn or puts themselves out there on social media, regardless of porn, can complain if someone finds out who they are. It’s never “your” FB or Instagram and if you’re on the grid, ESPECIALLY naked and doing porn, then you have to accept the consequences.

      There’s not even really a need for stage names now, because there are revenge porn websites and also some websites that I won’t mention that are there specifically to expose porn stars’ real names, socials medias and even home addresses :-/

      • bsg67

        So your many years in the adult film industry has given you this incredible insight

      • Phil H

        “How I Justify Being a Creepy Stalker Who Obsessively Seeks Out the Real Names and Social Media Pages of Everyone Who Has Ever Even Thought About Getting His Dick Out on Camera” – By Reg, Age 58 and three quarters (OK, that’s just a guess based on presentation) from Sutton-Under-Prolapse.

        Nice to see you finally got your newsletter published Reg.

        • Reg

          You reared your foul ugly head instead of just watching from the shadows! Oh, I’m glad I could make your day and your sad and give tragic life meaning by commenting on me, instead of never the post.

  6. Jake

    Ok.. if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know that Dolf Dietrich is the king of bad choices.. and somewhat an attention whore.. it seems like ever 2 months he brings up his ” domestic abuse” situation ( which was brought on by his partner Jack going off the rails on meth).. now if he really wanted to be an example, he would have picked himself up, dusted himself off, and moved on… and NOT taken Jack back ( who accused him of being a pedophile online). But wait.. there’s more… So instead Dolf helped Jack start up his esthetician clinic in downtown Manhattan, act on Twitter that nothing ever happened ” domestic violence” wise.. then just last month posted on Twitter that him and Jack ” just moved on up” by getting a brand spanking new condo in Manhattan. AND if you read his twitter feed, it’s either about him getting gang fucked, his feet, when he’s available for a massage booking, or some BS about him being the “best daddy” for over a decade.. I mean seriously, come-on…

    • Reg

      Dolf is one of the biggest train wrecks in porn. Jack Mackenroth is the other. I know that people used to say that Paul Canon and Damien Kyle were bad, but they take the biscuit. They’re beating each other one minute, shooting heroin and taking meth the next, accusing each other of paedophilia, HATE each other next, are loved up, then broken up, then back together like nothing happened with the delete of a Tweet. It’s an endless cycle of toxic abuse and I don’t know where it’ll end, but I wish it would just end. Those two are unsexy nightmares that are just bad for the world.

      • Phil H

        Oh, and a Paul Canon and Damien Kyle reference…

        Did they used to date, Reg? Did it go wrong, Reg? Did you mention it before, Reg?

        • Reg

          Oh, Phil…I broke my own rule. I read one of your replies. I won’t make the mistake again. So, knock yourself out and I’m sure your pathetic little digs will entertain you, because I know you have absolutely nothing else in your life and no other reason to visit MOP, except for the chance to pounce on absolutely everything that I might say.

          Seriously, go for it, rant. It’s my gift to you.

  7. TheBitchIsBack!

    So here we go…

    Lucas Leon: If you’re trying to cosplay Malificent, you’re doing it wrong.

    Ricky Larken: I don’t think you’re allowed to raise bail that way .. and you have friends???

    Derick Cline : No … And “Who??”

    Jake Orion: For someone who’s been accused of this, you’re ” business twitter” feed has been in overdrive with self promoting tweets after the fact.. perhaps laying low would be a better idea?

    Rocky Vallarta: It’s called money…

    Dean Young: Price check on a pack of Depends please..

    Vinn Roxx: It’s awesome you can read.

    Dolf Dietrich : Just go away..

    Clark: Approved..

    Lionel Lilac: Agreed..

    Cliff Jensen: I hope you found the missing piece for your body puzzle.

    Henrik Sommer : Props Bro ( Fist bump)

    Armond Rizzo : Pick a lane or get off the road..

    Luca del Rey: The internet called.. it wants it’s anonymity back..

    Malakai White: Who knew that the Matrix had a red light district?

    Mason Lear: Bottom and Associates are just down the street.

    Jake Waters: That’s awesome.. kudos on the upcoming nuptials.

    • McM.

      Lucas Leon’s cosplay is of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers. He’s doing it right.

  8. Soothsay

    I want to preface this with the statement that I am not one of those “poor people sn’t buy nice things” people.

    Now…that being said: Ricky Larkin. First, I’m shocked that he actually is “halfway to his goal”, and that people have chipped in 2400 for his trip (which if you analyze his tweets, seems to be moving to the UK?). Second, it seems strange to me that someone whose every third tweet is about “donate money to me and I need it (prayer hands)” is also posting about (a) bets where they lost money, (b) buying limited edition shoes, and (c) paying for UFC pay per view. I mean, if your trip is in…3 weeks and you really need the money, isn’t that kind of spending really wasteful?

    The natural supposition that could be made (unless you just want to say he’s terrible at spending money and has no sense of self in terms of posting that), is that he either isn’t planning on moving (and this is just funding a trip) or….he doesn’t need the money (or at least doesn’t need the money for what he says).

    If he is a gambler who lives in Las Vegas (which he is) it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to say he has massive debt (becase figure this: a good gambler doesn’t need donations) and there might be reason to believe part of this is why he needs the money. Which is sad.

    All this to say – and imply – Ricky Larkin, if you just scrutinize his Twitter page enough, shows himself to be a fraud.

    • Rockhard288

      It’s insane but 2400 is nothing when moving to another place in the US let alone another country. He’s going to be a broke boy and still escorting to make ends.

  9. Magnus

    There are a few ways to immediately lose me as a fan. A couple are… beg for money on social media like a pathetic loser, or post a picture of your wrecked gaping hole like a pathetic loser.

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