Alex Hot & Albis Octavio

The latest at Latin Loads of Treasure Island Media is the threesome of Alex Hot, Albis Octavio & Tyga.

Treasure Island Media do buy content from Bi Latin Men where Alex Hot is known as Poker, Albis Octavio as Chocomil and Tyga is also Tyga on the site.

Poker started as the top at Bi Latin Men, but his recent scenes had him in a flip fuck.

While, Chocomil’s latest scene released was his threesome with Smack & Midas.

* Another site that buys content from Bi Latin Men is Raw Hole.

3 thoughts on “Alex Hot & Albis Octavio

  1. BiLatinMen always gives the guys new names. Returning guys can get new names as well. Like Bash is also Spike on the site; elsewhere named Pedro Yepes or Alberto Martines.

    And the names are the type that makes searches for the men pointless.

    1. Didnt bilatinmen change owners¿ Not going to lie, the BLM posts nowadays feel sponsored. I don’t remember LatinBoyz or Bilatinmen ever being posted this much. I usually had to go to their website for updates. I like it.

      I know one of those guys was named Tyga. So you right.

  2. Alex Hot, eh? Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to come up with a clever porn handle. I’m just sad that “Ian Sexme” never really caught on.

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