8 thoughts on “Bisexual scene of Jordan at Corbin Fisher

  1. Quite frankly I am not a fan of Bi or Straight scenes on CF and never bother to download or watch them, but this week this scene and the one other Bi one on BGF with Jay Tate has kept me well entertained. And the women were in my opinion, not surplus to requirements, as they played their part.

    Or as I observed the girl was pushed out of the way by greedy old bottom Chris, who then arched his back and took Jordan’s fat girthy dick with great ease! I must say though, I am not a fan of Jordan’s jack hammering style, so hopefully he will slow down next time. He is pretty to look at thought, good energy and cum shots, that’s not too much to ask is it!

    Chris is one of my more recent favourites. Aesthetically he does nothing for me, but he is very sexual and is living his best life. He looks absolutely fantastic like the cat that has got the cream! A pretty decent video from the CF!

    P.S After saying all that though, when Chris was having straight sex, it looked all kinds of wrong and he looked uncomfortable a bit like me in another life with my first girlfriend many moons ago lol!

      1. I agree with you. I watched it late at night and couldn’t fall asleep thinking about Jordan kissing and sucking cock. I think Alec watch a different movie or he only watched the preview. lol

        1. I agree and he could not have been watching the same scene and I know good porn from the mediocre stuff from some of the other studios. Although Alec may just not like their style which is ok really. The action though was pretty good and energetic throughout!

  2. I love Jordan and that scene was smokin! To each his own and I will take Jordan anyway I can get him. HOT HOT HOT!

  3. It seems that Jordan has move to straight porn. He just did a scene with SeeHimFuck (which he probably sign with Hussie Models). It’s unfortunate, wish he did more guy and guy scene at CF. He probably prefer to join his wife in straight porn.

    1. I think this guy Jordon is trying make name for himself and won’t commit to one studio. As CF their current roster is sorely limited, with about 6 models on rotation. With OF/JFF times have changed. I recall CF and the old SC would not allow their models to work for other companies or have public social media accounts. But they have no choice and some CF are openly on social media and SC are all from Social Media any ways. That would never happen back in the day.

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